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Regional kingdoms
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Rajni Jha
Faculty in Delhi. Teaching experience of more than 8 years in various offline and online institutes.

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  2. ABOUT ME: Faculty of GS in Karol Bagh, Delhi Bsc Chemistry Honours from Ramjas College, DU * MA English from JMI e MA sociology MA psychology B.ed from IPU Former faculty member at paramount coaching centre. *Teaching experience of five years in various prominent coaching centres

  3. JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATION Department of Judiciary called Qazi-ul-Qazat was headed by Sadr-us-Sudur (Chief Justice) Qazis dealt with civil cases while the Criminal cases were dealt by Mufti, Miradi and Saeed. Hindus had their own laws and separate Courts. REGIONAL KINGDOMS / DYNASTIES 1. Iliyas Shahi Dynasty of Bengal It was founded by Shamsuddin Ilyas and its capital city was Pondua. Allahuddin Hussain Shah, the greatest of the dynasty, conquered Kamarupa ie Assam. He was thoroughly influenced by Chaitanya Prabhu and regarded himself as an incarnation of Lord Krishna. He took the titles Jagatbhushan and Nripatitilak. Akbar conquered Bengal in 1570 by killing the Governor Dawood Khan of Bengal.

  4. 2. Jaunpur- me independent in 1398 under the leadership of Malik Sawar Kwaja Jahan. He took the Shah-us-Sharq (the king of the East),Ibrahim Shan Sharqi was the greatest of the dynasty Barbak Shah, the son of Bahlul Lodi conquered Jaunpur back 3. Malwa- It was founded by Zafar Khan. Mandu (M.P.) was the capital city.Md. Khilji II was the greatest ruler of the dynasty. He constructed a Keerti Stambha (victory pillar) at Mandu, in the memory ictories against Rana Kumbha of Mewar and Bahadur shah of Gujarat. Baz Bahadur the last of the dynasty was defeated by Akbar in 1564 4. Gujarat- It was ruled by Bahadurshahi dynasty, founded by Zafar Khan in 1398. He took the title Bahadur Shah. Mohd Shah Begara or Mohd Shah I, the greatest of the dynasty, constructed the cities Mohammadabad and Mustafabad. He was the first Indian to challenge the Portuguese but was

  5. defeated in the Battle of Diu by the first Portuguese Governor, Fransisco de Almeida in 1509. He was the Sultan with unusual habits. Udayan, his court poet wrote Rajavinoda, a biography on Mohd Shah. Ahmed Shah I founded Ahmedabad. Akbar conquered Gujarat in 1572 A.D. 5. Rajputana: Mewar- It was ruled by Sisodia dynasty founded by Rana Hammirdev. The victory pillar at Chittod was built by Rana Khumba in memory of the victory against Mohd Khilji II of Malwa and Bahadur by Babar in the Battlc of Kanwa in 1527

  6. 6.Marwar - It was ruled by Gehlot dynasty founded by Chunda. King Jodha founded Jodhpur. Rana Maldeo the powerful ruler of the dynasty, was defeated by Sher Shah in the Battle of Kalanjir in 1545 7. Kashmir. It was ruled by Shahmirza dynasty. During the times of Sikander Shah, for the first time Hindus were outnumbered by the Muslims. He founded a, separate department Sheikh-ul-Islam to promote Islam and banned the custom of Sati. Zain-ul-Abidin's actual name was Shahi Khan, who was popular as "Akbar of Kashmir." He renovated Hindu temples, banned cow slaughter, allowed Sati and got Mahabharat translated into Persian. He appointed Srinara and Jonadeva to continue the work Rajatarangini. He also constructed the Wular Lake and Jainalanka in Kashmir h