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Mauryan polity
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Rajni Jha
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  2. ABOUT ME: Faculty of GS in Karol Bagh, Delhi College, DU * . . Bsc Chemistry Honours from Ramjas * MA English from JMI e MA sociology MA psychology B.ed from IPU Former faculty member at paramount coaching centre *Teaching experience of five years in various prominent coaching centres

  3. Mauryan Polity Khash Chandragupta Maurya: He was the founder of Maurya dynasty and the Greeks called him Sandrakottes. In 305 B.C. he cleucus Nikator, the representative of Alexander. Agreement was reached between the two in 305 B.C and w reaty n ndian history between a native king and a foreign ruler He conquered Saurashtra and appointed Pushyagupta as the Governor. Pushyagupta constructed the famous Sudarshana Lake. I was attested by Rudradaman's (Greatest of the Saks)narh inscription. He as the first king to envisage the ideas of Weltare State and paternal kingship (treating s subjects as children). He also was the first to take the titles Devanampriya (beloved of Gods) and Priyadarshi (one who loves to be admired) Chandragupta abdicated the throne for his son. Bindusara, accepted Jainism and performed Sallckhana vrata at Sravanabelagola.

  4. Bindusara: Bindusara was called Amitragatha (slayer of enemies). Megasthenese was replaced by Diamachus as the Greek embassador to the court of Bindusara -He sent a delegation to the king of Syria, Atiochus-l Theos Sotor requesting him to send wine, figs and a philosopher. Susina, the eldest of 100 sons was the Governor of Taxila. He failed to suppress the revolt of the guilds in his region.Ashoka, the Governor of Ujain suppressed the revolt. Bindusara was the follower of the sect called Ajivikas.

  5. Ashoka, the Great Son of Bindusara and Sudharma, he killed all his brothers except Tisya and came to power with the support of minister Radhagupta in 273 B.C. In his 10h regnal year, he attacked Kalinga. Dimouasi and Meghavahana were the 2 Kalingan kings who fought the war. The main cause forCo the battle of Kalinga was that the Naga tribes of Kalinga were looting Mauryan.ships. Ashoka fr mentioned the details of Kalinga war at Dhauli in his famous XIII Major Rock Addict. He was converted to Buddhism by Upagupta. He visited the Buddhist shrines and installed the Rumandei Pillar Inscription at Lumbini to mark the nativity of the Buddha. Tan

  6. He introduced a social philosophy called Dhamma (Dharma) with principles like Satva Samyama, Sankshema and Ahimsa.Nigrodha (a 5 year old child) was the Buddhist monk who was responsible for the change in Ashoka. Later Mauryans: -Samprapti also followed Jainism and was popular as JainaAsok. ya, Dhasaratha also followed Ajivika Sect. -Brihadrata - the last of the Mauryas, was killed by his Chief Commander, Pushyamira Sunga? Decline of the Mauryan Empire: Although there are many theories that attempt to describe the fall of the the Mauryan empire, the most reasonable one is that describes the collapse due to financial crisis. Due to lack of control on mines and the land grant system, the Maryan treasury diminished. The empire had suffered huge losses in trade and commerce. Its means of communication were hindered. And finally, the absence of any strong ruler after Ashoka, led to its ultimate collapse.