Unacademy Grievance
Redressal Council (UGRC)

Unacademy Grievance Redressal Council (UGRC) is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the Indian EdTech sector to create a mechanism for Learners, Educators and other stakeholders to highlight their grievances and seek redressal.

UGRC operates with a three-tier redressal system with external independent oversight and is open to everyone, irrespective of whether the complainant is a paid subscriber, studies via Unacademy’s free content or is a general user.

The initiative is in line with the Government of India’s advisories and guidelines. Further, it also includes non-customers in its scope.

Grievance Redressal Process

Level 1 If you’re reaching out for the first time, connect with us via:

We urge you to not share any private/confidential information while reaching out to us on Social Media platforms.

Level 2 If you’re not satisfied with the Level 1 response, then you may connect with the Grievance Officer:

Please keep your ticket number from Level 1 handy.

Level 3 If you’re not satisfied with the Level 2 response, then you can fill out this form:

(Please note: Level 2 and Level 3 are escalations. Giving a resolution on the first phone call might not be possible. A complete email with the exact details where the failure points at the previous levels are highlighted will be required to give a complainant a complete and correct resolution.)

UGRC Structure

The organisation structure has been defined to ensure that every grievance is addressed in a timely manner and due diligence is given to every issue.

Prof. Rajan Saxena Chair, UGRC

Ex NMIMS Vice Chancellor, Ex Director IIM Indore, SPJIMR, IBSG, Author,
External Member, UGRC

Sanjeev Reddy Chief Grievance Officer, UGRC

Associate Director - Customer Success

Core Objective

To create robust systems and processes to ensure effective and timely solutions to grievances with an impartial approach to set higher benchmarks towards effective stakeholder engagement.

Key Pillars

Transparency and Accountability

The Redressal process is clearly defined and made public. Additionally, Unacademy has provided various channels to register grievances. Our robust processes also ensure that those seeking redressal know that there is a dedicated entity in charge of the process and that every grievance is considered in a timely, objective and neutral manner.

Fair and Empowering

A skilled centralized team is dedicated to addressing each grievance with fairness, following a robust communication channel and appropriate CRM support. Our policy also empowers the complaints redressal desk, in order to remove influences and promote objectivity and consistency in resolution.

Efficiency and Responsiveness

Each complaint is responded to and assigned a unique identity for tracking. We have a well-defined turnaround timeline for resolutions which are strictly adhered to. A written acknowledgement is sent to the complainant with details of the officer handling the particular case and the expected turnaround time for resolution.

Review and Improvement

We constantly review our processes to identify areas of improvement and ways to prevent future grievances. There is a regular analysis of the frequency, patterns and cause of grievances. Review of strategies and processes used for grievance resolution. Check on the effectiveness of those strategies and processes. Improvement plans are implemented on a regular basis.


UGRC shall be responsible to ensure that grievances are dealt with effectively in accordance with the ‘Grievance Procedures’.

In doing so, the council shall adhere to these principles:


Take each grievance with utmost sincerity and address key questions on why the complainant feels aggrieved, unhappy or dissatisfied

Check list

Investigate the facts and surrounding circumstances


Communicate to the complainant about revert timelines


Provide feedback to the complainant about what can/cannot be done to resolve the grievance


Take necessary follow-up action

Monthly Reports

The Report gives a synoptic view of the organizational structure, functions and activities of the UGRC undertaken monthly.

The UGRC shall be functional from Monday to Friday during working hours (10:00 AM- 7 PM) only.

Any grievance filed after working hours or on any holiday or weekends (Saturday & Sunday) shall be treated to have been filed on the next working day.

UGRC mandates and processes are subject to revision based on the evolving guidelines and best practices.


Frequently asked questions

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