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Modern Indian History
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Modern Indian history- need for new trade routes

Rajni Jha
Faculty in Delhi. Teaching experience of more than 8 years in various offline and online institutes.

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kb se start krenge sir
Uday Shankar Soni
9 months ago
From tomorrow dear.
please continue modern india series

  2. ADVENT OF EUROPEANS INTRODUCTION: Vasco da Gama's First Voyage Europ Lisbon India Calicut Africa Malindi Mombasa Atlantic Ocean Cape of Good Hope

  3. NEED FOR NEW TRADING ROUTES: o GEOGRAPHICAL CAUSES: 1) Unstable land route 2) Sate passage through water

  4. TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS: 1) Navigation 2) Use of gunpowder

  5. POLITICAL CAUSES: 1) Monopolies 2) Ottoman Empire 3) Rise of new Nation states

  6. Ottoman EmpireAustria Russia 1453-1566 France Hungary Black Sea Istanbul Spain Asia Minor Persia Algeria Malta Rhodes Mediterranean Sea oli Arabia AFRICA Tripoli Egypt edina Ottoman Empire, 1453 Expansion, 1453-1520 Expansion under Suleiman, 1520-1566

  7. ECONOMIC CAUSES: 1) Economic growth in Europe 2) Demand for spices and pepper 3) Tolls and taxes 4) Profit maximization

  8. RELIGIOUS CAUSES: Proselytizing zeal