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Rajni Jha
Faculty in Delhi. Teaching experience of more than 8 years in various offline and online institutes.

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  2. ABOUT ME: Faculty of GS in Karol Bagh, Delhi College, DU * . . Bsc Chemistry Honours from Ramjas * MA English from JMI e MA sociology MA psychology B.ed from IPU Former faculty member at paramount coaching centre *Teaching experience of five years in various prominent coaching centres

  3. MYSORE The city was founded by Krishnaraj Wadiyar. of Bangaluru was founded by Kempe Gowda. However, the modern State of Mysore dar Ali He joined the army of Mysore as an ordinary Sepoy and became the Fauzdar of Fort ial. He employed the French to train the Mysore armies. He founded the first moderm Arms Factory at Dindigal. He also defended the Fort against the Marathas in 1755 and etween 1761 to 1765, Haider Ali expanded the Mysore empire by conquering Coorg Dind Indian 757. B 1 Malabar and Baramal First Anglo Mysore War - (1767-1769) Warren Hasting, the Governor of Madras forged an alliance with the Nawab of Hyderabad and the Marathas. Haider defeated the English, captured Fort Arcot and entered the city of Madras The war ended with the Madras Treaty in 1769. Second Anglo Mysore War (1779 - 1784) The reasons for the war were as follows: i)lt was against the Madras Treaty.The British refused to support Haidar in 1775, when Marathas attacked Mysore.

  4. i) The immediate cause was that in 1779 English attacked Port Mahe used by Haider Ali for importing war technology from France. Haidar was defeated in the Battle of Porto Novo by Colonel Eyre Coote. Haider died of cancer in 1782. War was continued by his son Tipu Sultan. Tipu was defeated in the Battles of Palghat, Trichy and Bednur.The war ended with Mangalore Treaty. Third Anglo Mysore War (1790 1792) Lord Cornwallis was the Governor General.The immediate cause for the war was that Tipu Sultan attacked Travancore (Trivendrum), a friendly state of the English. The war ended with the Treaty of Srirangapatnam in 1792 Tipu surrendered half of his territory, paid-5 Lakh pounds as compensation and sent his two sons as hostages to English. Fourth Anglo Mysore War (1798- 1799) Lord Wellesley was the Governor General. The reasons were i) Tipu sent delegations to all the Islamic countries seeking support against the English. i) He secretly invited Napolean of France against the English.

  5. lued to sign th e Sutridhary Allian ii) The immediate cause for the war was that Tipu rel System. Tipu died at Srirangapatnam while fighting against the Englich. The territry o Myre divided. Accordingly, the Marathas got north of Tungabhadra, the Nizam of Hyderatad gt t Rayalseema districts and the rest was taken over by the Englis.h.The city of Myore wa: re.tusred to the Wadiyars. However, in 1832, Lord William Bentick suspended the admini tratiom Wadiyars and annexed Mysore. In 1882, Lord Ripon restored Mysore to the Wadiyar

  6. Tipu Sultan He was the tirst Indian prince who realized the importance of merchant navy and ban on the model of European Countries king systen He had the best personal library with a colletion of books numbering more than 40,00. Personally he was interested in designing the ships He was the first to introduce missile technology in modern India. -He was the first Indian to send delegations to the Islamic countrics. As a secular ruler, he respected the Jagat guru of Sringeri and made liberal donations to the Ranganatha Temple at Srirangapatnam -> He banned polygamy amongst Muslims -He also introduced uniform currency, weights and measures and very effectively suppressed the landlords of Rayalseema called Poligars. He was very much influenced by the 1789 French Revolution, and so became a member of the Jacobian Club of France and called himself"Citizen Tipu". Tipu planted the Tree of Liberty at Srirangapatnam and introduced a new calendar on the model of the French with three weeks in a month.

  7. PUNJAB Guru Angad was the Second Sikh Guru, who also introduced the Gurumukhi script. He composed Janamsakhi, the life and mission of Guru Nanak. Guru Amardas, the third Sikh Guru composed Anand which is recited by Sikhs on all happy occassions. He also introduced Manji System (selecting disciples to preach and promote Sikhism).Guru Ramdas, the fourth Sikh guru uced Masand System of collecting donations. He constructed Amritsar and Santokhsar ler. The fith Sikh guru Arjun Dev got Adi Granth compiled, the most sacred text of the Sikhs. He encouraged the Sikhs Khusroo gainst Jahangir for the Mughal throne and therefore was executed.Guru Hargobind, the Sixth . He was the founder of the idea Akal Takht and constructed Harminder Sahib in Amritsar. Guru Harirai and Guru Harikishen lakes in the land granted by the Mughal Emperor Akbar to his daughi to trade in horses and assumed the title Satya Padshah (The true emperor) He supported Guru was the first to wear the royal signs like Chatra and Kaiga were the Seventh and Eigth gurus repectively. Harikishen was the youngest to becqme a guru at the age of 5 and died of small pox. The Ninth Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur, was ar mansabdan of Aurangzeb and was also executed by Aurangzeb in 1675. Guru Gobind, the last Guru convened the Ananthapur Sahib convention. He also selected his five favourite disciples (Panch Piyasi / He was the first to start the practice of wearing 5 K-s. The Sikh community transformed from a devotional sect to a martial army under the Guru. He founded the Khalsa - the Sikh army.