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Bhakti movement
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Rajni Jha
Faculty in Delhi. Teaching experience of more than 8 years in various offline and online institutes.

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  2. ABOUT ME: Faculty of GS in Karol Bagh, Delhi College, DU * . . Bsc Chemistry Honours from Ramjas * MA English from JMI e MA sociology MA psychology B.ed from IPU Former faculty member at paramount coaching centre *Teaching experience of five years in various prominent coaching centres

  3. He was the disciple of Ramanuja. He was the first to introduce Radhamadhav Cult which was centered on the worship of Radha and Madhav. He founded the philosophy called Dwitaadvaita MADHVACHARYA He was born in Udipi . He was the first to compose commentaries on Brahmasutras in Kannada language. He founded the philosophy called Dwita Siddhanta. VALLABHACHARYA His other name was Achinitabhadra. He was the first to preach and promote Krishna bhakti on the basis o f Maha Bhagwad Purana. He founded the philosophy Shuddhaadvaita which believed He prescribed Pushtimarga as the means for salvation (extreme devotion 1to God) RAMANAND He was the most popular Bhakti reformer from Uttar Pradesh. He Ramabh from the lower castes. His disciples Cobbler) and Kabir (a weaver).He composed Ananda bhasya was the first to preach akti and the first to preach in Hindi. Also, he was the first reformer to accept disciples were Dhana (a Jat farmer); Sena (a Barber); Ravi Das (a

  4. KABIR Born at Prayag, he was the most popular Bhakti reformer. He was the first reformer to preach Universal Religion and Hindu-Muslim unity. He was the most important disciple of Ramanandand also accepted a Sufi Saint, Pir Ti as hs Guru.He was persecuted by Sikander Lodi for preachn Hindu-Muslim unity.The sayings of Kabir are popular as Dohas. Bizaks were the compiled works of Dohas.The followers of Kabir were called Kabirapanthis. > an pop ori rilten in Bhejp follower of Kabi were call dKabirapan na GURU NANAK Born at Talwandi, he was influenced. by Kabir. 'Sach Akhand (Ultimate Truth) was the main theme of his teachings. Nanak preached Universal Brotherhood and Monotheism.The followers of Nanak s are called 'Sikhs'

  5. MEERA BAI The most popular woman Bhakti reformer, Meera, was bor n Kudki in Rajasthan. She belonged to the family of Sisodias and was the wife of Rana Bhojraj. She was the first to introduce Giridhara Gopala Cult of Brindavan and also the first to introduce Bhajans in Bhakti movement. Sha acothi disafte He was the most popular Bhakti reformer from Bengal.He was born at Nabadwip (Nadia). He was the disciple of Keshav Bhakti.His other names were Gouranga and Vishwambar. He was the first to preach Vaishnavism in Bengal and Orissa. Puri was the main centre of his activities and he was first to introduce Kirtans in Bhakti movement. He died in a state of ecstasy. TULASIDAS He was a contemporary of Akbar and he wrote the all time great Ramcharitmanas in the language Awadhi dancng rhile kirtan 4* inmu

  6. Cn e prea edsabhakti and wrote Sursagar. wn le wrote Sundaravilasa tat deals wi six Indian philosophical systems. lon in the community of weavers at Ahmedabad, he preached Nirgunabhakti. His teachings were compiled in the form of Dadu Dayaram Ki Bani IRIAN lom at Karna in Haryana in the community of farmers,he preached Nirgunabhakti an I on Satyam or Truth. His followers were called Satnamis. Pothi is the sacred text o Satnamis. lle was the first to preach Vaishnais n Brahmaputra Valley (Assam) He was the.founder lEka Saranadharma and Vecrapurushamarga (to defend one's faith)

  7. Maratha Bhakti reform movement The main theme o the movement was Maratha-dharma, which essentially m eant the protection haculture Its ultimate aim was to secure an independent state for the Marathas ca Swaraj GNANESHWAR The first and earliest of Maratha reformers wrote a commentary on Bhagwad Gita called Gnaneswari, popular as Maratha Bhadwad Gita and also called Bhavardha Deepika. EKNATH He was the first Maratha reformer to emphasize on Marathi language. NAMDEV He was a tailor by profession (was earlier a dacoit). He emphasized on cultural unity of the saints) Marathas by introducing a tradition called Mahapurusha Sampradaya (worshipping the great

  8. GURU RAMDAS As the Guru of Shivaji, he inspired Shivaji for founding Swaraj. The messages of Guru Ramda were compiled in the form of the text called Dasabodha. GHORA A pot -maker by profession, he preached monotheism BAHINA BAI Follower of Tukaram, she was the most popular woman Bhakti reformer in Maratha movement. She promoted Vitalaswamy cult.