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Lodi dynasty- Sultanate administration
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Thank you sir,it was very useful. sir it will be helpful if u make one video to how to apply this condition to solve the error.
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  3. SA YYID DYNASTY-( 1414-1451 AD.) This dynasty was founded by Khizra Khan. They claimed descendancy from Prophet Mohd. Sa Mubarak-Khen was the greatest king of the dynasty. His court poet Yahyabin Ahamad Sirhindi wrote Tahrikh-i-Mubarakshahi regarding the day to day administration underMubarak Shah Alauddin Alam Shah, the last of the dynasty was deposed by Bahlul Lodi Shah Ph LODI DYNASTY-(1451-1526 AD.), Ha introduced a now arduate It was founded by Bahlul Lodi. Lodis belonged to Afghan race. 'n kend Sikandar Lodi, the greatest of the Lodi dynasty founded the city of Agra. Like Alauddin Khilji. he also tried to control market prices. He persecuted Kabir for preaching Hindu-Muslim unity Ibrahim Lodi was the last ruler of the dynasty. Alam Khan, Daulat Khan Lodi and Rana Sanga were the enemies of Ibrahim Lodi. In 1524 they invited Babar to wage a war against Ibrahim In the First Battle of Panipat (April 21, 1526), Babar killed Ibrahim Lodi and brought an end to the Delhi Sultanate The- bec net SiKand Figaz behur-d rahaa ualt :

  4. Ibrahim Lodi was the last ruler of the dynasty. Alam Khan, Daulat Khan Lodi and Rana Sanga were the enemies of Ibrahim Lodi. In 1524 they invited Babar to wage a war against Ibrahim In the First Battle of Panipat (April 21, 1526), Babar killed Ibrahim Lodi and brought an end to the Delhi Sultanate. The Aec^ek behind Babans (ar eNed tuma by Vay Sultanate Adminstration ulers SInda Sultan was assisted by four departments:- Portua Lnd Diwan-i-Wazirat was the Finance Dept headed by a Wazir. He was assisted by Mustafi-i- Mumalik (AuditoGeneral) and Mushrif-i-Mumalik (Accountant Gencral) Diwan-i-Araz was the Military Dept, created by Balban and headed by Araz-i-Mumalik as 1 (Chief Commander) 3. Diwan-i-Insha was the Dept. of Correspondence headed by Dabir-i-Mumalik (Chief Correspondent). i e* and Jun

  5. external affairs. It was headed by a Chief Qazi. Isalat was the department for religious affairs, endowments and in some case Empire was divided into provinces 'Sar Sarkars were divided into districts called Shigs ruled by Shiqdar. s called 'Sarkars' which were governed by Naib and divided into groups of villags called Paraganas, headed by Amil. lowest unit administered by hereditary Hindu officers known as Khot Village was the Muqaddams, Chaudhuris and Patwaris.

  6. Terms relating to revenue administration Bigha unit of land less than 1 acre. Biswa 1/20th of Bigha. Hasil-Actual cropturnover or net crop with a person after expenses Jamadami - Assessed revenue. Kankhuth - Crop estimation method introduced by Alauddin Khiliji. Bhooli -Crop sharing method. Botai

  7. JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATION Department of Judiciary called Qazi-ul-Qazat was headed by Sadr-us-Sudur (Chief Justice) Qazis dealt with civil cases while the Criminal cases were dealt by Mufti, Miradi and Saeed. Hindus had their own laws and separate Courts. REGIONAL KINGDOMS / DYNASTIES 1. Iliyas Shahi Dynasty of Bengal It was founded by Shamsuddin Ilyas and its capital city was Pondua. Allahuddin Hussain Shah, the greatest of the dynasty, conquered Kamarupa ie Assam. He was thoroughly influenced by Chaitanya Prabhu and regarded himself as an incarnation of Lord Krishna. He took the titles Jagatbhushan and Nripatitilak. Akbar conquered Bengal in 1570 by killing the Governor Dawood Khan of Bengal.

  8. 2. Jaunpur- It became independent in 1398 under the leadership of Malik Sawar Kwaja Jahan. He took the title Shah-us-Sharq (the king of the East).Ibrahim Shan Sharqi was the greatest of the dynasty. Barbak Shah, the son of Bahlul Lodi conquered Jaunpur back. 3. Malwa- It was founded by Zafar Khan. Mandu (M.P.) was the capital city.Md. Khilji Il was the greatest ruler of the dynasty. He constructed a Keerti Stambha (victory pillar) at Mandu, in the memory of his victories against Rana Kumbha of Mewar and Bahadur shah of Gujarat. Baz Bahadur ,the last of the dynasty was defeated by Akbar in 1564. 4. Gujarat- It was ruled by Bahadurshahi dynasty, founded by Zafar Khan in 1398. He took the title Bahadur Shah. Mohd Shah Begara or Mohd Shah I, the greatest of the dynasty, constructed the cities Mohammadabad and Mustafabad. He was the first Indian to challenge the Portuguese but was

  9. defeated in the Battle of Diu by the first Portuguese Governor, Fransisco de Almeida in 1509. He was the Sultan with unusual habits. Udayan, his court poet wrote Rajavinoda, a biography on Mohd Shah. Ahmed Shah I founded Ahmedabad. Akbar conquered Gujarat in 1572 A.D. 5. Rajputana: Mewar- It was ruled by Sisodia dynasty founded by Rana Hammirdev. The victory pillar at Chittod was built by Rana Khumba in memory of the victory against Mohd Khilji II of Malwa and Bahadur by Babar in the Battlc of Kanwa in 1527