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History of Kashmir, Arab conquest and Turkish conquest
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Rajni Jha
Faculty in Delhi. Teaching experience of more than 8 years in various offline and online institutes.

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  2. ABOUT ME: Faculty of GS in Karol Bagh, Delhi College, DU * . . Bsc Chemistry Honours from Ramjas * MA English from JMI e MA sociology MA psychology B.ed from IPU Former faculty member at paramount coaching centre *Teaching experience of five years in various prominent coaching centres

  3. HISTORY OF KASHMIR alhana's Raiatarangini is the first systematically written historical text in Indian history. It deals with the five dynasties that ruled Kashmir. ' Lalitha Aditya Muktapada - The greatest of Karkotaka dynasty (I dy nasty to rule Kashmir He constructed the famous Martanda temple in Srinagar and promoted trade between Kashmir and China. " Avantivarma, the most popular king in the history of Kashmir promoted many irrigasion systems. With the help of his minister Suia, he constructed a dam across Vitsata river (Thelum). He belonged to the Utpala dynasty. ' Diddadevi, the only woman ruler in the history of Kashmir, was wife of Kshamagupta and belonged to the Poorvagupta dynasty.

  4. t ARaB CONQUEsT oF SIND - 12 AD It was Calipha Walid who declared Jihad' on Sind on the complaint of Al-Hazaz, the Sultan of Persja. Dahir, the king of Sind, was a Brahmin and the majority pcople were Buddhists. Mohd oin Qasim led the Arab army, destroyed the golden city Multan and killed Dahir in the Battle o Results: I. The interaction between Hinduism and Islam led to the emergence of Sufism in Islam and Bhakti movement in Hinduism. 2. The Arabs translated Ganithashstra, Charak Samhita into Arabic languages and also adopted the popular play, Shatranj.Th3 3. Jizia, a religious tax on all non-muslims in the Islamic state was levied for the first time in Sind. However Women, children, slaves and Brahmins were exempted from paying this tax. Sind -Hurd

  5. TURKISH CONQUEST OF INDIA Mohammed Ghazni - 998 1030 A.D. His actual name was Abu Qasim and he belonged to the Yamini dynasty that ruled Ghazni in Afghanistan. He attacked India as many as 17 times during the winter seasons. He defeated Jaipal of Kashmir, Daud of Sind, Rajyapala of Pratihars and Bhima- of Solankis. In 1025 he looted the Somnath temple which was the richest in India. The Jats of Haryana always created problems for Ghazni while on his journey back The Arab historians- Al-Beruni, Al-masudi and Utbi visited India along with him, Alberuni stayed at Varanasi and early medieval India Alberuni observed that a) India'spriestly classes were self-centered, deceptive, arrogant and indifferent b) The caste system was responsible for the defeat of Indians. c) Indians had no sense of history, strategies of warfare and no innovativeness He also wrote Jawahir-u learnt Sanskrit for 10 years. He wrote the most authoritative, source on alled KITAB- -HIND. OY TARIKH-I-HIND ir on mineralogy and Quanun-i-Masudi that dealt with astronomy.

  6. Pirdausi, an Indian, was invited by Ghazni to write his biography. Shahnamah writen by Pirdanusi is called the Odyssey of Persian literaturie. Ghazni was impressed by Sanskrit language ausi iS ca and issued Silver coins with Sanskrit verses. Mohammad Ghori- Hi actual name was Moizuddin, the Sultan of Ghori in Afhanistan, His tiles were Jahan-i-Soaz (one who sets World on fire). He was also known as Burshikhan (Idol Breaker). His main obiective was to make Islam popular in Indja. He was very much troubled by a tribe called Khokaras. He appointed Aibak as his representative in India.