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Important sites of IVC-3
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Rajni Jha
Faculty in Delhi. Teaching experience of more than 8 years in various offline and online institutes.

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3/10.... for question no 6 ... in ease of doing business 1st is Maharashtra or Andra Pradesh ?
Please do a complete course on History part for Prelims.
Rajni Jha
a year ago
Rajni Jha
a year ago

  2. ABOUT ME: Faculty of GS in Karol Bagh, Delhi College, DU * . . Bsc Chemistry Honours from Ramjas * MA English from JMI e MA sociology MA psychology B.ed from IPU Former faculty member at paramount coaching centre *Teaching experience of five years in various prominent coaching centres

  3. BANWALI: . Located on the bank of river Saraswati in Haryana . Both proto-harappan and harappan stages witnessed . Extensive cultivation of Barley was evident for the Excavated by Dr. Bist. here. first time.

  4. LOTHAL: . Located on the banks of cambay in gujarat. . Excavated by S.R.Rau. . It is the first known/earliest sea port in Indian History with an artificially built naval dockyard. . First to cultivate rice by 1800 B.C. Major centre of trade and commerceespecially with persia. Big Jar with beautiful painting depicting the story of a cunning jackal has been found here.

  5. . Fire altars were found representing fire cult. o An evidence of ploughed field signifies cultivation of developed level. . It had building with side entrances. o Playing dice: favourite time pass. Bead- making.

  6. SURKOTADA: Located on the bank of river Bhoguva in gujarat. Excavated by jagpath joshi. . A port city. . Horse skeletons were found here but no conclusive evidence that Indus valley people had knowledge of horse.

  7. RANGPUR: Located in gujarat. . Excavated by M.S. vats. . It ws the second site where rice cultivation took place as rice husk were found here.

  8. DHOLAVIRA: Located in Gujarat in Runn of Kutch. Excavated by Dr. Bist and jagpath joshi in 199o. Only site developed in circular shape. Long pictographic script. . World's earliest Indoor stadium.

  9. Biggest Indus valley site in India: Rakhigarhi (Haryana) o Located right on Tropic of Cancer. . Bhirrana (Haryana): oldest site.