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Pushyabhuti dynasty
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Rajni Jha
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  2. ABOUT ME: Faculty of GS in Karol Bagh, Delhi Bsc Chemistry Honours from Ramjas College, DU * MA English from JMI e MA sociology MA psychology B.ed from IPU Former faculty member at paramount coaching centre. *Teaching experience of five years in various prominent coaching centres

  3. PUSHYABHUTI DYNASTY It was founded by Narvardhana with its capital city at Sthansewar in Haryana. Harshavardhana was the greatest ruler of the dynasty. He founded the Harsha era in 606 A.D. Grihavarma, who was brother-in-law of Harshavardhana, was killed by Gauda Sasanka and Devgupta of Malwa Sasanka desecrated the famous Bodhi tree Harsha came to power shifting the capital city from Thaneswar to Kannauj at the age of sixteen. He conquered Ma Pulakesin II of the Mahayana Buddhism by the Chinese Buddhist pilgrim, Hieun Tsang. Harsha took the title Siladitya. He conducted the Buddhist conferences called Sangeethies at Prayag. This was done to promote Mahayana Buddhism.A great scholar in Sanskrit, he wrote the fa Naganandam, Ratnavali and Priyadarsika Banabhatta, the court poet of Harsha wrote the Harsha Charit Kadambari. . Hieun lwa, Saurashtra, Kalinga and Kamarupa. However, he was defeated by attle of Narmada. Harsha was converted i lays such as Parvati Parinayam and Experience of a Traveller'. I- Harsha is considered the last great emperor in ancient Indian History. He also conducted Dharmayatras like Samrat Ashoka.

  4. WESTERN CHALUKYAS BADAMI CHALUKYAS: They ruled North Karnataka with the capital city at Badami or Vatapi. Pulakesin I founded the dynasty. Pulakesin II, the strongest ruler of the dynasty. defeated Western Gangs, Kadambas of Vanavasi, Banas Vishnukundins and finally the Pallavas. The main cause fo between Chaluk nastic wars en Chalukyas and Pallavas was reearding the control over Krishna-Godavari river basin e-The Aihole inscription, composed by Ravi Kirti def Palla akesin I1. After rsha Vardhana, Pulakesin II took the title of Parameswara. In the wars with wit alavas he defcaed Mahrndravarman Land appoims as Poeta vas, he defeated Mahendravarman I and appointed his cousin Kunbjavishnuvardhana as the 34

  5. governor of the East Coast of Andhra region. Hc also sent an ambassadort to the court of the emperor Khusrau and also received an ambassador from him.1 He was killed by Narasimhavarman I, son of Mahendravarnam I of the Pallavas in the Battle of Badami. Keerivarm na II was the last great king of the Western Chalukyas, defeated by his Samanta Vearabalanja Dantidurga in the battle of Khed. Dantidurga founded the Rastrakuta dynasty. The most powerful merchant association was the Aihole Guild. Vishnuvardhana founded the Eastern Calukyan dynasty with the capital city Vengi. ankel to Cultural Contribution ealt 4he tab in th KoAkan Coat introduced a new style of temple architecture called Vasara or Deccan style. It was an admixture of North Indian Nagara and South Indian Dravida. No cement or mortar was used and stones were aligned together to form the edifice.

  6. PALLVA DYNAST'Y The early Pallavas ruled from Amaravati. The dynasty was founded by Sivaskandavarma. Vishnugopa of this dynasty was defeated by Samudragupta X Later Pallava Dynasty They ruled from Kanchipuram. The dynasty was founded by Simhavishniu. Mahendravarman I was the defeated by Pulakesin II. Narasimhavarman I, the greatest of the Pallavas killed Pulakesin II and took the itle Mahamalla (Great wrestler). He founded Pondaas the city Mahamallapuram also known as Mahabalipuram. He also constructed the famous Seven Pagoda Temples (all monolithic) at Mahabalipuram. Narasimhavarman II built the Sahad eva Shore temple at Mahabalipuram. The Shore temple was dedicated to Martanda, a form of Shiva. He also constructed the famous Kailashnath Temple at Kanchi. Nandivarman constructed the famous Vykunta Perumal temple at Kanchi. Aparajita Varman was the last of the Pallavas, defeated by Aditya Chola of the Chola dynasty. nshna G Contribution of Pallavas alavon It was the first royal dynasty that was devoted for promoting education and learning in the South. Ghatikas were the centres of learning under Pallavas. The capital city Kanchi became popular a the Dakshint Kasi or Varanasi of the South and became a centre for Sanskrit learning Mahendravarman I wrote the famous Mattavilasaprahasana, a sattire on Jain and Shiva tradit Dandin wrote Dasakumaracharitra on the birth of Kartikeya. ions. He ax calad Vicifraehitto vi wrote Kiratariuniyyam on the fight between Arjuna and Shiva (in form of Kirat) Pallavas were responsible for t Bhairavakonda and Sittannavasal also belonged to the Pallavan age. he Dravida style of temple aschitecture. The cave temples at The three masterpieces of Pallavan sculpture are the descendance of Ganga onto the earth, Krishna lifting the Goverdhan Parvat and the penance of Arjuna all found in Mahabalipuram