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What is Paleomagnetism?
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In this bytes video learn about what is Paleomagnetism, and why it is so important.

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yes....this was heard while studying about Mid-Atlantic ridge but now this video infers that even normal rocks too can exhibit similar phenomenon.
please make a video on what is नौतपा (nine days of continuous high temperature)
thanks a lot. please make a video on... why do we get headache...
thanq... a new piece of knowledge for today...
What is Sedgewick rafter cell?
  1. What is Paleomagnetism?

  2. Paleomagnetism is the study of magnetic rocks and sediments to record the history of the magnetic field.

  3. The magnetic signature of the rocks allows paleomagnetists to find out how old the rock is and map the position of the field at the time of their formation.

  4. Is Paleomagnetism important? Why?

  5. The records preserved in rock that Earth s magnetic field has flipped and reversed in the past.

  6. Based on the magnetic records, we know that the last magnetic pole shift occurred 781,000 years ago.

  7. North american plate Eurasian plate North american plate Juan de fuca plate Caribbean Indian plate te Arabian plate plate Pacific plate African plate Pacific plate South plate Easter plate Nazca plate plate Juan The other most important thing about Paleomagnetism is that it also provides evidence to support theories in plate tectonics Antarctic plate

  8. Normal magnetic polarity Scientists studied the magnetic signatures of the rocks on the ocean floor and noticed that some recorded opposite directions for magnetic field lines even though they were side by side. Reversed magnetic polarity b Lithosphere Magma

  9. We have already learned so much about our planet by studying the history of Earth's magnetic field through natural rock magnetism. We can continue to learn more about our planet's history as paleomagnetists gather more information