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Ancient trade routes that shaped World History.
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In this Bytes lesson learn about all the ancient trade routes that shaped world history

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These routes could have been explained better using maps.
Very nice information. Thank you. Please make a video about ancient civilization.
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  1. Ancient trade routes that shaped world history

  2. The first and the most famous trade route in the world is the Silk Route which links the major ancient civilizations of China and the Roman Empire.

  3. USA CHINA TIDIA . MEXICO BRASIL The Spice Routes were maritime routes linking the East to the West

  4. The Incense Route developed to transport frankincense and myrrh, which are only found in the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula.

  5. Amber Road linking the Baltic with the rest of Europe was developed by the Romans, who valued the stone as both a decorative item and for medicinal purposes.

  6. he Tea Route This ancient route winds precipitously for over 6000 miles, through the Hengduan Mountains-a major tea producing area of China-through Tibet and on to India

  7. e Salt Route

  8. Mer Mediterran e Tlemcen Biskra Tripoli FL Chadam Sidjilmassa The Trans-Saharan Trade Route from North Africa to West Africa was actually made up of a number of dRAWEI In Salah Chat EZZAN TOUAT A'ssiout Mourzouk : Koufra S Taghazza Idjil . Taoudeni La ENNEDI Dgolroutes, providing a criss-cross Tichit o Awlil Bilma of trading links across the -o Soba Gasga El Fasher Ville en Oasis Grand march aux esclaves vast expanse of desert Mopti Sokoto Eldbe do Ku. Ekko AOu ria. Xoran N. BOURE Niani Cuivre, tain Salagao Ovo sel -Route de caravanes majeures .Autre route Natron O Noix de cola Gelfe de Guin Zone d'intense navigation fluvialeDate