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What is Higgs Boson?
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In this video learn about what is Higgs Boson, and what kind of theories physicists have about it.

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Just one point, standard model doesn’t cover gravitation
Since Higgs boson is a mass machine so it can be a way of universe formation. Isn't it
Kamal Nayan
a year ago
You could say Higgs Boson lets the universe be as it is since it gives the mass to particles, hence initiating the postulates of General Relativity and effectively causing the curvature. But then again, the Boson itself isn't the mass giving entity, it's the Higgs field that interacts with the particles providing mass. The Boson is simply the lowest excitation state of the field. Whenever a particle interacts with Field, which they are doing right now, the field is excited as its energy state is disturbed and hence when enough excitation is caused, the Higgs Boson emerges. This interaction is rather complex and involves complex processes, as in Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking of Higgs Field and potential. But the particle is rather notorious and seldom remains intact for long and breaks down into two quarks or such. Moreover, even the Boson derives its mass from it's parent field - the Higgs Field. It's a deep science and to delve in you'll have to study from scratch. All the best! :)
can you please tell about the large hydron collider?
translates all videos in hindi plz
  1. What is Higgs Boson?

  2. July 4, 2012 A lot of buzz happened about the fact that scientists found a particle that behaved the way they expect Higgs Boson to behave. But in order to make sense of thiss entire thing we first need to know what is Higgs Boson.

  3. top The standard model, was developed in the early 1970s and according to it our entire universe is made of 12 different matter particles and four forces.

  4. Quarks make up protons and neutrons, while members of the lepton family include the electron and the electron neutrino, its neutrally charged counterpart Leptons e, , Quarks u, c, t d, s, b 9 Photon Gluons Higgs Boson

  5. Unfortunately, the model still has another missing piece - the Higgs boson. Let's find out more about it.

  6. Electromagnetic fields, for instance, depend on the photon to transit electromagnetic force to matter. Physicists think that Higgs boson might have a similar function, but transferring mass itself.

  7. Can't matter just inherently have mass without the Higgs boson confusing things up?

  8. Higgs potential Stable Our vacuum 2E 2 Metastable Higgs field