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What is the Renaissance?
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In this bytes video learn about what is the Renaissance, which period it belonged to and what happened during that time.

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it's doesn't matter how you pronounce a word. it's only matter about understanding of students. as a Teacher you done your 100 %.Thank you so much 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Go Ahead...🙏🙏🙏🙏
it's not renaisaa ....the pronunciation is wrong ...and you was pronouncing many words in a wrong manner ..try to have a correct pronunciation...Google the words and hear the how the words are pronounced....
please make a vedio on demonetisation and rafael deal..
Thanks a lot for a brief note..., Really, it's too good and hopes that it'll be helpful to everyone.
Would you please make a video on the topic "The great Roman Empire raise and fall".
  1. WHAT IS RENAISSANCE? A period in the history of EUROPE beginning in about 1400, and following the Medieval period.

  2. "Renaissance" is a French word, meaning rebirth'. The period is called by this name because at that time, people started taking an interest in the learning of ancient times in particular the learning of Ancient Greece and Rome

  3. The Renaissance is often said to be the start of the modern age During the Renaissance, there were many famous artists, many writers and many philosophers.

  4. Leonardo da Vinci, who was a painter, a scientist, a musician, and a philosopher, is the most famous enaissance Man

  5. but soon spread across the he Renaissance started in Italy whole of Europe. In Italy the time is divided into three periods: o EARLY RENAISSANCE o HIGH RENAISSANCE O LATE RENAISSANCE



  8. Ancient Roman Remainings

  9. Patronage of Rulers, Popes and Nobles