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How human memory works?
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In this Bytes video learn about how human memory works, and what are various stages of forming memory.

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Thank you mam 🙏
Very nice Lesson mam
The way you explain memory working is really good and simlpe. And now I want to know. How to work for efficient encoding and retrival? Can you tell me some ways or exercises or anything you know.
what is Artificial intelligence, make a video on this topic
that's why when we lose our memory which you call amnesia... we forget all the things buy we don't forget our language and our driving skills.... human mind is magnificient.
Anupam ahuja
a year ago
it's but not buy !
i have one issue with me whenever i think that from today onwards i will start study i cant. can i know the problem
  1. How human memory works?

  2. There is no firm distinction between how you remember and how you think.

  3. The process of memory begins with: encoding, then proceeds to storage and, eventually, retrieval

  4. Your sensations travel to hippocampus which integrated these perceptions as they were occurring into one single experience. Experts believe that the hippocampus, along with another part of the brain called the frontal cortex, is responsible for analyzing these various sensory inputs and deciding if they're worth remembering

  5. hree ways we store memories first in the sensory stage then in short-term memory ultimately, in long-term memory.

  6. Memory retrieval, when you want to remember something, you retrieve the information on an unconscious level, bringing it into your conscious mind at will. If you've forgotten something, it may be because you didn't encode it very effectively, because you were distracted while encoding should have taken place