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Does human body need minerals?
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In this bytes video learn about if human body requires minerals and what are they.

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awesome videos for revision .. especially for working people... please continue the course..
Can you please make a video on the future of stem cells?
Yes enjoyed, but it would have been really helpful had you covered the sources of those minerals as well.
I am hindi medium so I can't understand your lecture
Zing Pi
a year ago
but your way of writing in English is good
I need to know about the history of commerce
Can Economy stable one day or not?
  1. Does human body require minerals? Fe Cu Zn Se Mn Co Si

  2. Mg The millions of tiny cells in your body require essential nutrients to grow, develop and work together in perfect harmony. Na CO Fe These essential nutrients, those that your body needs but cannot produce, include the inorganic substances found in food:s Cu Si Mn known as minerals. Mo Cr Bo

  3. Calcium also plays a role in nerve transmissions, muscle function, including , that of the heart and hormone secretion. CaLC

  4. assiu Potassium controls the electrical activity of your heart, making it vital to maintaining a normal heart rhythm Our body also needs it to build proteins, break down and use carbohydrates, maintain the pH balance of the blood and support normal growth.

  5. SODIUM [Na] Although too much sodium can increase your risk for developing high blood pressure, your body needs sodium to stimulate nerve and muscle function, maintain the correct balance of fluid in the cells and support the absorption of other nutrients including chloride, amino acids and glucose

  6. Our body needs magnesium to support more than 300 biochemical reactions Magnesium supports muscle and nerve function, keeps your heart beating regularly, builds strong bones and boosts immunit)y

  7. ospho Phosphorus plays an important role in building strong bones and teeth, producing proteins the body needs and repairing cells. Adult men and women should consume 700 milligrams of phosphorus a day, according to the Institute of Medicine.

  8. Chloride [CI] Chloride, usually consumed as a salt compound such as sodium chloride better known as table salt balances the fluids in your body and plays arn essential role in the production of digestive juices in the stomach.