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Importance of River Valleys to ancient civilizations
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In this Bytes video learn and understand how river valleys have helped ancient civilizations.

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Please make a video on the latest research on Rakhigarhi and other newly discovered important centre of Indus Sarswati Civilization.
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Simple, nice and brief explanation. Thank you. Mam
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  1. Importance of River Valleys to ancient civilisations

  2. he simplest suggestions would be that any population needs access to fresh water, and that rivers really help in agriculture

  3. In the Nile Valley, Mesopotamia, and the Indus Valley crops and livestock from the Near East flourished in much more dramatic form in the great river valleys

  4. Similarly, rice cultivation was developed in eastern and central China, but the impetus to a high civilization occurred in the Yellow River valley in the north.

  5. With the development of irrigation, however, the floods and silt deposits of the great rivers could be harnessed enormously. Farming families were capable of generating food for increasing numbers of people.

  6. Evidently, then, the people of the early civilizations saw advantages to gathering in higher concentrations in the river valleys