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What is Geomorphology?
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In this Bytes video learn about what is Geomorphology and also get to know what Geomorphologists do.

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Plz write down the sub title also in video,so it can be easy to understandably.Thanku
i would be happy if you post a video on Dinosaurs and their period
thnx a lot mam...plz make video on geological time scale.
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4 months ago
Hii Sagar. Geological time scale is already there in this course. please take a look
kindly make video about Cupriavidus metallidurans
  1. What is Geomorphology?

  2. Landforms are produced by erosion or deposition, as rock and sediment is worn away by these earth-surface processes and transported and deposited to different localities.

  3. So what Geomorphologists do is, they map the distribution of these landforms so as to understand better their occurrence.

  4. Christchurch Remote sensing from satellites and GIS mapping has really gotten advanced and has benefited geomorphologists greatly over the past few decades, allowing them to understand global distributions. 21 10 23 12 24 73 20 13 74 25 3A 26 14 73 19 75 15 74A 17 16 76 18

  5. Geomorphologists can piece together the history of any place by studying the remaining landforms and the sediments and they can provide evidence on past climate change and processes CO 2 CLIMATE CHANGE HEAT, WA FLOOD DISASTER SMOG TOXI EROSION

  6. So geomorphology is a diverse discipline.