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Effects of Ultraviolet on humans
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In this video find out about both the positive and negative effects of UV rays from sun on humans

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In case if you could make videos on Bengal Famine and on Ryotwari and Zamindari Systems, it would be great.
Since childhood I have known that to get vitamin D we should get exposure to sunlight during early hours of morning i.e. up to 9-9:30 am but few years back one of the well known gynaecologist in her seminar was telling that we should expose ourselves during 11am - 2 pm to get good amount of vitamin D. We asked about cancer issue but she denied it outright. Please share your views.
Well I guess that a little exposure at the said time might be beneficial...but prolonged exposure might lead to skin cancer. Too much pf anything is harmful!
In the starting it is written that UV triggers the production of Vitamin D reducing the risk of cancer and later it has been told that UV exposure causes skin cancer. Please clarify .
excellent. please cover the topic on major problems like unemployment, population explosion, plight of farmers, gender discriminatio, women empowerment etc that our country are facing today.
plz make videos on tropical year and vernal equinox
  1. Effects of Ultraviolet ravs on humans

  2. Positive Effects

  3. Ultraviolet Triggers the production of vitamin D reducing the risk of cancer.

  4. Psoriasi:s Also another common benefit of UV is that it helps some skin conditions like Psoriasis

  5. Did you know that it also helps some animals' in their vision and navigation?

  6. UV has positive applications in the fields of disinfection and sterilisation. UV can effectively 'kill' (deactivate or destroy) microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria.

  7. Negative Effects

  8. Did you know that UV is an environmental human carcinogen?

  9. Prolonged exposure to UV or high intensities of UV could damage the tissues of eyes and can cause a burning' of the eye surface, called 'snow blindness' or photokeratitis.

  10. And another eff ct or damage that UV ageing of skin. s causes is, it cause