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What does your metabolism say about you?
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In this video learn about what metabolism is and what it tells about you.

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Unacademy user
mam do the video on management paper too...
so if someone is bony(too slim) and wants to be healthier then he should try to eat same amount of food 5 or 6 times instead of eating only 2 or 3 times. correct me if I'm wrong.
Junior Ranvir
a year ago
you are right bro, eating multiple times always more beneficial rather than eating 2 or 3 times a day.
  1. What does your METABOLISM say about you?

  2. In simple words, basically, your metabolism is all the energy that you burn every day.

  3. METABOLISM Basal Metabolic Rate Non-exercise adaptive thermogenesis Actual exercise.

  4. Can you improve your metabolism?

  5. Getting adequate protein and fiber can definitely help maximize your BMR, and hence, your metabolism.

  6. ting too little can actually slow down our metabolism 9 10

  7. Another effective way to increase metabolism IS Exercise