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The Satavahana Dynasty
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In this bytes video learn about the Satavahanas dynasty, their rulers, administration, society, economic and religious conditions.

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Were Satavahanas Marathis or Telugus? Tamilakam (Both Tamil Nadu and Kerala was a region and Tamil was a primary language in that region in the past. Andhra Pradesh is a region but in the map of Satavahanas, it covered Modern Day Maharashtra, Northern Karnataka, Telangana and Eastern coastal Andhra Pradesh extended to the rivers of Godavari and Krishna but didn't conquer all the parts of Andhra Pradesh. It's uncertain that Satavahanas were Telugus. Prakrit wasn't even the language of Telugu speaking people.Telugu language did have the Telugu Brahmi Scirpt at that time. Probably, Satavahanas were from Maharashtra Region.
good useful but we want details and chronology order of rulers and important points exam point of view
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Hi. Can you please make a video on Pallavas.
  1. Satavahana Dynasty Rulers, Administration, Society and Economic and Religious Conditions during the Rule of Satavahana Dynasty!

  2. SATAVAHANA EMPIRE c. 120 300 CE Delhi Mathuro In the north-western Deccan on the ruins of the Mauryan empire arose the kingdom of the Satavahanas in the first century B.C Ulijoyini SATAVAH Nusik Kor Bay of Bengal Tanjore TOWN Indian Ocean MODERN TOWN


  4. The earliest of the Satavahana kings to receive wide recognition was Satakarni I.


  6. The Satavahana coins, inscriptions and literature are the rich source of our knowledge about their administrative system.

  7. The Satavahana society was divided into four classes. The first class consisted of high officials and feudatory chief second class and wealthy traders The included petty officers like Amatyas Mahamatras In the third class were the middle class peoples such as vaidyas or physicians, riters The as carpenters, blacksmiths, fishermen and gardeners. fourth and the last class ere constituted of the lowest vocations such

  8. They also took part in the Ashvamedhas. The Satavahanas were Brahmanas

  9. thi o t of the rock caves in the Deccan were cut during is period. These caves were big and beautiful

  10. it The Satavahana rulers were lovers of literature. Under their patronage, great progress was made in the field of literature In this period, the Prakrit language and literature developed significantly