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What is a large Hadron Collider?
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In this Bytes video learn about the large Hadron Collider and its architecture. Also learn a bit about its working principle.

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RBI refuse to issue face value of treasury bills after completion of maturity period.
your preference of topics is amazing
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what is photographic plate ?
  1. Large Hadron ,Collider

  2. World's largest and most powerful particle accelerator The LHC consists of a-27-kilometre ring of superconducting magnets with a number of accelerating structures to boost the energy of the pa rtictes along the way.

  3. The electromagnets are built from coils of special electric cable that operates in a superconducting state, efficiently conducting electricity without resistance or loss of energy

  4. Heat Exchanger Pipe Beam Pipe Superconducting Coils Helium-ll Vessel Spool Piece Bus Bars Superconducting Bus-Bar Iron Yoke Non-Magnetic Collars Vacuum Vessel Quadrupole Bus Bars Radiation Screen Thermal Shield The 15-m long Auxiliary Bus Bar Tube Protection Diode Instrumentation Feed Throughs

  5. Just before the collision, another type of magnet is used to "squeeze" the particles closer together to increase the chances of collisions.