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Do we have a hidden 8th continent on Earth?
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In this Bytes video learn about whether we have a hidden 8th eighth continent on Earth.

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  1. Is there a hidden 8th continent on Earth? 12

  2. Australia New Zealand lasmania For the past ten years researchers have been gathering data on this continental crust, and the latest publication is an attempt to formally put forward a scientific case for the continent of Zealandia. Zealandia Continent

  3. Previously, it was thought that the crust underneath the ocean in this area was fragmented into various bits. According to new satellite-based gravity maps of the ancient seafloor, it is now clear that the whole region is a continuous whole.

  4. THE GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA In a paper published in the Geological Society of America's Journal, researchers explain that Zealandia measures 5 million sq km. which is about two thirds of neighbour Australia.

  5. Here's the set of criteria as thought of by researchers and all of these are met by this new continent Zealandia Elevation above the surrounding area . Distinctive geology . A well-defined area .A crust thicker than the regular ocean floor

  6. Researchers explain that classifying Zealandia as a continent is not just an extra name on a list but it does have some scientific value to it.