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The Chera Dynasty
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In this video learn about the Chera dynasty, where they ruled and what they were known for.

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Sir... thank you for providing all these difficult words in an easy way.... please add some more videos for more words.... and literally all these videos helps a lot.... 🙂
cover this topics : Pandyan Dynasty. Chola Dynasty. Chera Dynasty ( done ) Satavahana Dynasty. Pallava Dynasty. Kadambas of Banavasi. Gangas of Talkad. Chalukya Dynasty
Some of these Dynasty are in previous bytes series, So chackout them also
Imran Khan
a year ago
Please add more slides in every video so that it will be easy for revision stuff. If you check out the courses of Roman Saini Sir he always uses lot number of slides which is very helpful while watching the video as well as while doing the revision.
make 8-10 minutes can beneficiary for upsc....such brief knowledge leads to nowhere...its just waste of time
please madam/sir, provide brief information about chera dynasty
  1. The Chera dynasty were one of the principal dynasties in the early history of the present day states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu in South India.

  2. empire Gangas of Chola Talakkad Together with the Cholas and the P andyas , they were known as one of the 3 major political powers of ancient Tamilakam in Tamil Nadu in the early centuries of the Christian Era. Cheras ofPandyas Mahodayapuram of Madurai

  3. The Early Cheras are known to have established capitals at various locations around Karur, Muziris and lyndis among others. 92

  4. Bay of Bengal Ezhil Malai Kongus Kudanad Cholas Arabian sea uttanad Pandyas Ays The Chera kingdom owed its importance to 'trade' with the Middle East and the Graeco-Roman world. Its geographical advantages, like the presence of a large number of rivers connecting the Ghat mountains with the Arabian sea.

  5. In the 12th century, they moved their capital further south to Kollam from Kodungallur (or Makotai) following a series of wars with the Cholas.

  6. The worship of departed heroes was a common practice in the Chera kingdom along with tree worship and other kinds of ancestor worship

  7. There was great patronage of the arts, literature and science and several important contributions in these fields were made during the later Cheras.