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How do sunspots affect the Earth?
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In this Bytes lesson learn about sunspots and how they affect the earth.

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lovely....plzz also make videos on Gravitons,Superconductors,Cosmos,Iron Pillar of India,Mahayana,Hinayana
ye sb topics hindi me provide nhi ho sakte kya ma'am
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Hi Rahul, saare topics Hindi me bhi hai. please follow Unacademy Bytes in Hindi.
NASA SOLAR PARKER mission and its operations
Great lesson madam thanks
  1. How do Sunspots affect the earth?

  2. Astronomers in ancient China noticed sunspots several thousand years ago. The first written record of a sunspot sighting dates to 28 B.C

  3. Solar flares and coronal mass ejectio

  4. Sunspots appear dark to us because they're cooler than the surrounding areas on the Sun's visible surface, whichh has a temperature of about 5,537.8 degrees Celsius

  5. To an observer on Earth, sunspots appear to move because sun's surface itself is moving. The average sunspot is as big as the Earth, but some are really, really huge.

  6. This can cause magnetic storms which can alter or disrupt radio and cell phone communication and can wreak havoc with electrical grids.

  7. During the 1989 solar max, for example, a power. surge triggered by solar energy damaged transformers that were part of the Hydro- Quebec power system.

  8. The increase in radiation that accompanies a solar flare is a theoretical health hazard to spacewalking astronauts, crew and passengers in high-flying aircraft