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The mysterious Iron Pillar, Delhi.
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In this Bytes video learn about the mysterious iron pillar of Mehrauli which has a lot of theories around it.

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Your lesson was good but u didn't mention the main thing i.e. Who has been referred to in the Mehrouli Pillar Inscription... Please answer😊
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  1. Iron Pillar, Mehrauli

  2. Iron Pillar, Mehrauli It was constructed more than 1600 years back In 1961, it was found out that the iron used in constructing the pillar is of exceptionally pure quality with very low carbon content.

  3. Situated inside the Qutub Complex where the famous Qutub Minar is also located, Iron Pillar stands majestically with a height of 24 feet. It stands on an artistically carved base with a diameter of 48 cm and a weight of 6.5 tonnes It is placed in front of the Quwwatul Mosque in Qutb Complex.

  4. Iron pillar is made up of 6 tons of 98% wrought iron, which is also attributed to be one of the reasons for why this pillar hasn't rusted.

  5. Iron pillar is said to have a protective layer of passive rust on the iron which prevented rusting of the pillar; this layer was getting washed out because of visitor's constant touch and movements Hence, to avoid further damage to the pillar's lower section, a fence was built around it in the year 1997.

  6. As per scholars, the Mehrauli Iron Pillar was constructed during early period of Gupta reign (320-495 AD) According to one of the prominent theories, Iron pillar was built on top of a hill Udaygiri in Madhya Pradesh, from where it was transported to Delhi by King lltutmish (1210-36 AD) after his victory