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What is carbon sequestration?
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In this Bytes video learn about what is Carbon Sequestration and how are the ways carbon gets sequestered in the atmosphere.

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do you have engineering calculus sequence and series
Thank you ma'am, please include how this carbon sequestration is used artificially to reduce the impact on climate change with examples.
plz make videos on various important economical policies like FRBM ACT SARFASAI ACT PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENT and so on
Please make videos about the different protocols and summit relating to environmental issues..
Something about smog which covered national capital would be nice to learn. thanks in advance
videos about different protocol related to environmental and also about their latest summit
  1. Carbon Sequestration

  2. Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Carbon uptake via photosynthesis Carbon Soil Amendments Compost Biochar (?) Carbon sequestration is nothing but the long-term storage of carbon in plants, soils, geologic formations, and the ocean. It occurs both naturally and as a result of anthropogenic activities and typically refers to the storage of carbon that has the immediate potential to become carbon dioxide gas. Organic Matter Decomposition etc Roots Soil Carbon release carbon compounds

  3. Recently there are growing concerns about climate change resulting from increased carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere.

  4. The Kyoto Protocol under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change allows countries to receive credits for their carbon-sequestration activities in the area of land use, land-use change, and forestry as part of their obligations under the protocol PROTCOU

  5. o o o o oo o o oo O O O o CO2 O particulate o dissolved Cooling Sedimentation Deepwater circulation Carbonate organi Carbonate CaCO3

  6. sunlight Carbon is transferred naturally from the atmosphere to terrestrial carbon sinks through PHOTOSYNTHESIS. carbon dk water