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What is an Aquifer?
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In this video find out what is an Aquifer and how do aquifers work.

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  1. What is an Acquifer?

  2. An aquifer is a body of saturated rock through which water can easily move. Aquifers must be both permeable and porous and include rock types as sandstone, conglomerate, fractured limestone and unconsolidated sand and gravel. Aquitard Water table Aquifer Aquitard Artesian well

  3. The rubble zones between volcanic flows are generally both porous and permeable and make excellent aquifers. In order for a well to be productive, it must be drilled into an aquifer. Rocks such as granite and schist are generally poor aquifers because they have a very low porosity. Soil Sandstone A well is a hole drilled into the ground to penetrate an aquifer Artesian aquifer Rock

  4. Is an Aquifer an Underground River?

  5. An aquifer is filled with moving water and the amount of water in storage in the aquifer can vary from season to season and year to year. Ground water may flow through an aquifer at a rate of 50 feet per year or 50 inches per century, depending on the permeability. Aquifer River Artesian Well Lake Water Table Unconfined Aquifer Clay Bedrock Confined Aquifer