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How do spectacles work?
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In this bytes video find out about the abnormalities of vision and how spectacles work to correct vision.

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concave lens is used for myopia not convex
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  1. Have you ever wondered why you have to start each day by putting on your glasses?

  2. Eye glasses work in the same manner whether they are for nearsightedness or farsightedness The eye glass lens is curved so that it bends the light rays that hit your eyes so you can see images clearly

  3. OPTIC NERVE CORNEA Understanding how glasses correct your vision begins with a basic understanding of how the eye works. LIGHT RETINA IRIS CRYSTALLINE LENS FOCAL POINT

  4. Nearsighted individuals cannot clearly see things that are distant. This happens because the light rays come into focus in front of the retina.

  5. Farsighted individuals have the opposite problem. The shape of their eyes causes the light rays to come into focus behind the retina, causing things that are near to them to be out of focus.

  6. 2 Eyeglass lenses are curved pieces of glass. The curvature of the lens bends the light rays as they approach your eye. This helps the rays focus on your retina, instead of behind or in front of it F P LPEI

  7. Minus Lens Base Plus Lens Apex Light Light ocal :: Baso- Apex oint Po Light Light Base Anax There are two main types of lenses used in eye glasses or contacts.

  8. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you are not the only one.