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Facts about underwater volcanoes.
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In this bytes video learn a few really interesting facts about under water volcanoes.

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a video about formation of Himalayan
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  1. Facts about underwater volcanoes

  2. Volcanoes located under water are also known as submarine volcanoes. .There are at least 1,500 active volcanoes orn the surface of the earth, but it is estimated that there may be more than 10,000 volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean alone.

  3. Underwater volcano facts inform us that almost all submarine volcanoes are located near the boundaries of two adjacent tectonic plates

  4. One of the latest examples of underwater volcanic eruptions is Surtsey island, south Iceland

  5. Underwater volcanoes Crust Crust Rising magma

  6. Ring of Fire

  7. Scientists are studying marine life adaptations in the deep and hot environment surrounding the volcanoes.