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What is Imperialism?
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In this video get an idea of what Imperialism implies. For Hindi version click on -

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thank you for the course is very helpful ...thank you so much
can you explain what was Life like in Indian civilization before 10,000 b.c. like 50,000 years ago.
i havn't got the difference btwn imperialism and colonialism...pls explain
please make a video on world trade route in the oceans
I understand only today the meaning of imperialism.. thanks
please make a video on international space centre
  1. What is Imperialism?

  2. NADA Ure ted Kingdom 1818 WASHINGTON British Cession 1818 MONTANA:::: Oregon Territory 184 Treaty with the Hnited Kin OREGON NORTH AROTA MINE MAINE TA 18 115 IDAHO wisCONSIN : | : SOUTH DAKOTA. NEW YORK CONNECTICUT NEBRASKA OWA PENNSYLVAN NEW JERSEY NEVADA ouisiana Purchase 1803 Spanish C tate DELAWARE UTAH 1819 ritain) 1763 2 RGIN VIRGIN from Franee) ILLINOIS INDIAN MAXYLANO Mexican Cession 1848 Territory of the Original CORGRADO KANSAS CALIFORNIA KENTUCKY :MISSOURI NORTH CAROLI TENNESSEE Imperialism is a state policy, practice, or advocacy of extending power and dominion, especially by direct territorial acquisition or by gaining political and economic control of other areas FLORID Hawaii Annexation 1898 Spanish Cession- 1819 est Florida Republic of Hawaii) Alaska Purchase 1867 (frorn Russia) i panish Cession) 1819East lorida (Spanish Cession) 1819 HAWAII. 100 GULF OF MEXICO Puerto Ceded by Spain Rice Albers equal area projection

  3. E SOTO in Florida in The Seven Cities ofCA uvere described viidly by de Niza, ho claimed to renched one of 1539, Hernando de Spto fought his way pping In- s to ensure hem i1539. Yet these endary gilded toowns te safe passage. He and his men explored inland, reaching the Mississippi River where de Soto died of fever in 1542. His hag- gard party, led by Luis de Moscoso, limped back to Mexico. out to be Zuni pucblos Cities stodded with gold and silver-or re- V zquez de CHEROKE of them-lured Coronado northward men penetrated the (actually bi- dno gold, but a Chiah Cofitache Quivi in 1540, He and his Great Plains, gaping at herds of wild Cooa CHICKASAW iPacaha l de Gualdape Quizqu spiritu San r n- DE SOTO A ,Mabila MOSCOso (Afasiasipp CHOCTAW 539-1543 er party evenu NAVAO Picuris , Pecos) the first E Apalachee NATCHEZ uachoya C BO Hawikuh c Anil COMANCHE FQuigualtam Alonso Alvarez de Pineda ex- plored and mapped the north ern coast of the Gulf of Mexico n 1519. He moutles of the Mississipp River and the Rio Grande 120* NARV EZ AND The European discoperer of California, Juan Rodrigu Cabrillo, a Portuguese in the CABEZA DE VA isa8-1536%.//CABEZA DE VAC It is different from new imperialism, as the term imperialism is usually applied to the colonization of the Americas between the 15th and 19th centuries AN co) 1539-1540, learning that Baja Califormis ns a peni Narv ez expedition. The four endured a

  4. The term lmperialism' is often conflated with Colonialism, however, many scholars have argued that each have their own distinct definition

  5. PRINCIPE S.TOME urope's expansion into territorial imperialism was largely focused on economi growth by collecting resourdes from colonies, in combination with assuming political control by military and political me ns.