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Does it rain on other planets too?
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In this Bytes find out if it rains on other planets too and of it does what kind of rains are they?

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Interesting facts. The slides that you have used for this video are very beautiful and attractive.
make a video on, how water originated on earth... there aren't ample sources revealing this..
Make a video about why global currency are weakening against dollar?
Very interesting information. Thank you very much Mam.
I am get more information about the planet
  1. Does it rain on other planets too?

  2. On our planet nothing is unpredictable or scary becausewe know that the rain falling out of our atmosphere and onto the ground is water in some form or another

  3. About 1,000 tons a year fall on Saturn It's still an unpublished theory by the scientists at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  4. Saturn's intense lightning storms about 10 strikes per second can cause the methane molecules in its atmosphere to break up, leaving carbon atoms to float freely and start falling to the ground.

  5. Venus gets incredibly hot sulphuric acid rain. Because the surface of the planet is at a whopping 480 Celsius, the rain only gets as close as about 25 kilometers to the surface before it becomes a gas.

  6. Titan, Saturn's largest moon, gets icy methane rainstorms Just as Earth has a water cycle, Titan has a methane cycle Methane is in its liquid form on Titan because the surface temperature is an extremely chilly-179 C