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How does our immune system work?
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In this bytes video learn about the immune system in our body, how it works and what are the two main parts of it.

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  1. How does our immune system work?

  2. Different groups of cells work together against just about any pathogen or germ. But illness can occur if the performance of the immune system is compromised.

  3. What do immune systems do?

  4. Without an immune system a human being would be just as exposed to the harmful influences of pathogens as to changes harmful to health happening inside of the body.

  5. Markers of Self Epithelial- Muscle cell cell Leukocyte Nerve cell Arnwork by Jeanne Kely 2004 Class I MHC self-marker protein

  6. Markers of Non-Self Bacteria SARS virus Antigen- Epitope Antibody Non-self nerve cell Non-self leukocyte Antigen Epitope Class I MHC protein Antibody

  7. There are two main parts of the immune system Immune system Innate immunity First line of defense Selective but non-antigen specific Gate keeper of adaptative immunity Adaptative immunity Antigen specific Memory B and T Lymphocytes Macrophage Dendritic NK NK.T Tyo cells