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What is Machine Learning?
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In this bytes video learn about what is Machine learning in a brief, it's different types and applications.

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sir maine apko 6th dec ko fp pe msg kiya hain ..sir plz reply
" How storms get their name? " like katrina , tithli nd etcetera
Madam please made vedio explaining DNA and Indians and Aryans DNA
nicely explain, thanks for it, please share more videos on it.
mam please information of data leakage
Madam, what is meant by Big Data?
  1. What is Machine Learning!

  2. 111003 o 110011 101.0000 00011019 911000100 11011120822 Machine learning is an 1011001110 application of artificial intelligence (Al) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed 01'1 001r101 0-114 10M:110 .11100 100010 10 1110d 11001 1oo1f3 0100090 11030

  3. The process of learning begins with observations or data, such as examples., direct experience, or instruction, in order to look for patterns in data and make better decisions in the future based on the examples that we provide. 4.14 9.3 3.7 7.8 0.38 6.184

  4. O99 The name machine learning was coined in 1959 by Arthur Samuel Arthur Samuel

  5. Where is Machine Learning used?

  6. MACHINE LEARNING 011 101 100 Data Mining Algorithm Classification Learning Neural Networks Deep Learning AAutonomous Machine learning is employed in a range of computing tasks where designing and programming explicit algorithms with good performance is difficult or infeasible.

  7. Machine Learning Supervised Learning Unsupervised Learning