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The first Balkan War started today!
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In this Bytes video learn about the first Balkan war that started on this day - 8th October, 1912.

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Very informative lesson!
  1. The first Balkan War started 8th October, 1912

  2. Vienna Budapest Venice Belgrade Black Sea Four Balkan states defeated the Ottoman Empire in the first war; one of the four, Bulgaria, suffered defeat in the second war. Constantinople Baku 1is Athens Algiers Mediterranean Se a Tripoli hdad Jerusalem Alexandri Cairo Medina The Ottoman Empire in 1683 AD, at its greatest extent Turkey today

  3. The First Balkan War had three main causes

  4. Citizens of Turkey regard the Balkan Wars as a major disaster uune BELGRAD in the nation's history, SBOSNIA a, c MONTE ea Toleato eltles gora sher ab es sa myna ASIAN MINOR ssma KAidindsharto arsuS A. kender

  5. WEAREOFF FORWAR ZHTR 0TOAEMO RHE yTpIKON The First Balkan War began when the League member states attacked the Ottoman Empire on 8 October 1912 and ended eight months later with the signing of the Treaty of London on 30 May 1913.

  6. The Second Balkan War bega on 16 June 1913.

  7. Bulgaria was dissatisfied over the division of the spoils in Macedonia and commenced military action against them.

  8. The Treaty of Bucharest