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What are Karst Landforms?
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In this video learn about what are Karst Landforms and what are the various types.

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where is karst landform found in India
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  1. What are K arst Landforms

  2. Karst comprises some of the most unique landscapes in the world, but it is also characterised by distinctive landforms. Doline/Sinkhole Sinking stream Doline/Sinkhole Limestone pavement Sinking stream Stalactite Cave talagmite Water table Source: Geological survey Ireland

  3. The development of karst occurs whenever acidic water starts to break down the surface of bedrock near its cracks, or bedding planes.

  4. Talking in' terms of Morphology, the karstification of a landscape may result in a variety of large- or small scale features both on the surface and beneath

  5. Especially in the tropics, the erosion along the limestone shores produce Karst topography.

  6. Farming in karst areas must take into account the lack of surface water. The soils may be fertile enough, and rainfall may be adequate, but rainwater quickly moves through the crevices into the ground, sometimes leaving the surface soil parched between rains.

  7. Sinkholes can develop gradually as surface openings enlarge. Continuous erosion is frequently not seen until the roof of an underground cavern suddenly collapses.

  8. The world's largest limestone karst is Australia's Nullarbor Plain.