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The Chalukya dynasty
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In this Bytes video learn about the Chalukya dynasty, what it was known for and when it ruled.

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sir plz suggest me a best book of paper 1
Give us an overview on life and sufferings, of different tribes , and parts they ruled, thier importance in struggle for independence.
ma'am also put in the end of class that what type of questions will applicable to answer..
thank u mam.. cover all Karnataka kingdoms.. kadamba..gangs.. hoysala... vijayanagara...bahumani
please slow down the speed. it seems that you are just reading the slides.
mam..there were exactly how many branches of chalukya dynasty?
  1. The Chalukya dynasty refers to an Indian royal dynasty that ruled large parts of southern and central India between the sixth and twelfth centuries.

  2. The earliest dynasty, known as the Badami Chalukyas, ruled from their capital Badami from the middle of the sixth century

  3. After the death of Pulakesi li the Eastern Chalukyas became an independent kingdom in the eastern Deccan

  4. The period of Badami Chalukya brought about the evolution and proliferation of a new style of architecture known as Vesara, a combination of the South Indian and the North Indian building styles.

  5. The rock-cut temples of Pattadakal, a UNESCO world heritage site.

  6. The three gems of Kannada literature, Adikavi Pampa Sti Pornina and Ranna belonged to that period

  7. The coins had Nagari and Kannada legends.

  8. The rule of the Badami Chalukya proved a period of religious harmony Later, from the time of Vikramaditya I, the people took an inclination towards Shaivism and sects like Pashupata, Kapalikas and Kalamukhas existed. They actively encouraged Jainism as well.