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The Delhi Sultanate
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In this Bytes video get an overview of the Delhi Sultanate, when and where they ruled and the five dynasties who ruled under them.

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The lessons are so interesting that i can listen it all day.
Sharique Iqubal
a year ago
please open this link
how come there's no mention of the sayyid Dynasty who were said to have ruled between 1414-1450?
they only destroyed temples and rape women and convert them into their religion
NIce video, but too short to cover Delhi Sultanate. Can we have same videos on Maratha Samrajya and Vijaynagar Samrajya?
A video on why the value of rupee is falling in terms of dollar_ _!! Please
  1. The Delhi Sultanate

  2. The context behind the rise of the Delhi Sultanate in India can be traced back to when 9th century, when the Islamic Caliphate began fragmenting Sin the Middle East.

  3. Five dynasties ruled over the Delhi Sultanate sequentially: Mamluk Dynasty Khilji Dynasty 1290-1320 Tughluq Dynasty Lodhi Dynasty 1451-1526 1206-1290 1320-1414

  4. Qutb-al-din-Aibak a former Turkik Mamluk was the first of Delhi, and his Mamluk dynasty conquered large areas of northern India

  5. During and in the Delhi Sultanate, there was a synthesis of Indian Civilization with that of Islamic Civilization, and the further integration of the Indian subcontinent with a growing world system and wider international networks spanning large parts of Afro-Eurasia.

  6. The time of their rule included the earliest forms of Indo-Islamic architecture, increased growth rates in India's population and economy, and the emergence of the Hindi-Urdu language.

  7. The bulk of Delhi Sultanate's army consisted of nomadic Turkic Mamluk military slaves, who were skilled in nomadic cavalrywarfare.

  8. Tons of Hindu temples were destroyed in India between 642 and 1520.