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What is Earth's energy budget?
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In this Bytes video understand what is the Earth's energy budget and also find out what are the various components related to the Earth's energy budget.

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Hello Jatin, Thank you for sharing the DNAs - quite useful to understand on how to analyze a news article. Please share your inputs on how to recall or relate these news at a later point of time (say, during prelims/mains in 2018) for by then these could have become a history rather than current affairs. Looking forward to your inputs. Thanks!
Jatin Verma
a year ago
If you are following Daily, You would remember 90% of the details like the back of your hand. For rest 10%, you have to note only keywords. Point is- I am explaining everything like a story and that is what is reqiured, considering the nature of questions(Concept-based)
Jatin Verma
a year ago
They won't become History because these days UPSC is asking questions in Mains from Current affairs of 1 year before prelims
Totally agree with you with respect to the conceptual approach to a news article and thanks to you for guiding on 'how to' with your DNAs. My only concern is with the factual part of the news (like the names of birds/animals in yesterday's DNA). I guess continuous revision of the factual part of news is required so as to be prepared in the long run. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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Good information to understand global warming
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  1. What is the Earth's energy budget?

  2. Earth's energy budget refers to the tracking ot how much energy is flowing into and out of the Earth's climate, where the energy is going, and if the energy coming in balances with the energy going out.

  3. Understanding the Earth's energy budget can help to predict future effects of global warming and to understand the various flows of energy on the Earth, Additionally, knowing how Earth's energy budget balances can provide insight into how the energy from the Sun interacts with the atmesphere

  4. For the energy budget to balance, all that needs to occur is: Earth's energy Balance Earth's energy Imbalance

  5. The incoming energy from the Sun . The outgoing infrared radiation from the Earth and its atmosphere.

  6. Here's a diagram showing the incoming and outgoing energy in a balanced example of Earth's energy budget. Reflected Incoming 102 Wn 341 W/sted 78 W/m2 199 w oin Energy Radiation 102 W/m2 Absorbed by 341 W/m Atmosphere louds adiation atmosphere & 239 W/m Latent Heat 80 W/m Infrared bsorbed RadiationAtmosphere Passes through Absorbed356 W/m y Surface) 332 W/m Absorbed by Surface 161 W/m2 Convection Evaporation 17 W/m2 341 W/m2 Surface Radiation 396 W/m2

  7. Earth's energy budget is vital in establishing the Earth's climate.

  8. The incoming energy to the outgoing energy from the Eart actually balance. Changes in the composition of Earth's atmosphere alters the quantity of energy absorbed and reflected by the atmosphere. Also to add to this is human activities h and the not