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The Mongols
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In today's bytes video learn about the Mongols and the Mongol empire

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hi aniket !! where's ur 500 Most Imp Topics for Prelims course?? is this the same??
Aniket Aggarwal
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yes, you can view it in my profile - I have also send the link in the telegram group @aniupsc you can join and watch it there
Aniket Aggarwal
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a year ago
tysm aniket :-) i'll check it out .. ty
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joined ur telegram channel .. gr8/best mnemonics for Schedules .. TEARS OF OLD PM :-D .. help me out wid schemes & biodiversity .. de're tough/confusing esp which scheme u/which Min & which species u/which category (CE/EN/VU) .. SOS ;-)
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@Aniket .. help me out with dis .. given that we have very less time now b4 Pre .. which course/s of yours shud i watch right now .. i'm basically concerned abt current affairs revision .. nd i dont wanna miss anything out .. kindly do tell me .. ty. regards :-)
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don't worry , first of all relax , all current affairs will be done in this 15 days course and if we get time even the static portions revision
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a year ago
ok tysm :-)
Hindi me class ho jai jadaa accha ho... English me cler nhi ho pata.. Sab... 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Imperfect video : abrupt ending, misread here & there Constructive feedback for improvement
very less info nothing about his qualities cuelty add more lines
why the tropics have richness in biodiversity?
why we itch when mosquito bites?
Jashwanth Naidu
8 months ago
the saliva released by the mosquitoes when they bite reacts with our skin which causes irritation and our brain urges to itch ( the process by which we remove the saliva)
  1. The Mongol Empire at Genghis Khan's death in 1227 at its greatest extent in 1279

  2. The Mongol Empire emerged from the unification of several nomadic tribes in the Mongol homeland under the leadership of Genghis Khan

  3. M ONG oLI KHIVA HAM TASHKENT Kal SAMARKAND Kusa US YAR ANT oLL MMIAN IAN (Chang An) NERAT IA C HHI N A The vast transcontinental empire connected the East with the West with an enforced Pax Mongolica allowing the dissemination and exchange of trade, technologies, commodities and ideologies across Eurasia. ca

  4. The empire began to split due to wars over succession, as the grandchildren of Genghis Khan disputed whether the royal line should follow from his son and initial heir Ogedei or from one of his other sons

  5. Kublai successfully took power, but civil war ensued as he sought unsuccessfully to regain control of the Chagatayid and Ogedeid families.

  6. By the time of Kublai's death in 1294, the Mongol Empire had broken into four separate khanates or empires, each pursuing its own separate interests and objectives

  7. In 1304, the three western khanates briefly accepted the nominal suzerainty of the Yuan dynasty. ) " , " M 12 )