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100 lessons • 4h 52m

Overview of the course


The Life of Aryans in the Vedic age

3m 32s

What is Neurogenesis?

2m 41s

What is Pax Romana?

2m 47s

Economic impact of British colonial rule in India

3m 30s

Effects of Ultraviolet on humans

3m 58s

The Gupta Dynasty

3m 54s

How massive is the Milky Way?

3m 17s

The Chera Dynasty

2m 47s

The Chalukya dynasty

3m 35s

The American Civil War

4m 17s

The attack on Pearl Harbor

3m 47s

The Satavahana Dynasty

3m 48s

The Delhi Sultanate

4m 29s

The Korean War

2m 55s

The invention of Laser

2m 46s

The importance of hormones

2m 37s

What is Gluten?

3m 15s

Is the Great Barrier Reef dying?

3m 07s

What is Continental Drift?

3m 16s

What is Green Building?

2m 47s

Why are most airplanes white in color?

2m 37s

What are sand dollars?

2m 07s

Do changes in weather make you sick?

2m 22s

What is Paleomagnetism?

2m 47s

What is Higgs Boson?

2m 52s

What is Photoelectric effect?

2m 24s

How do sunspots affect the Earth?

2m 31s

What is Photoperiodism?

2m 30s

Why is white matter white and gray matter gray?

2m 07s

How do spectacles work?

3m 12s

The Mongols

3m 16s

How does our immune system work?

2m 46s

What is Machine Learning?

2m 47s

What does your metabolism say about you?

2m 56s

What is the Renaissance?

3m 23s

Is China erasing its borders with Hong Kong?

3m 15s

The first Balkan War started today!

3m 24s

The Indian Territorial Army

2m 58s

The Outer Space Treaty

3m 09s

What is Hydraulic Fracturing?

3m 02s

What is the Industrial Revolution all about?

2m 57s

What is Temperature Inversion?

3m 27s

The Haitian Revolution

3m 03s

The Pandyan Dynasty

2m 55s

What is Imperialism?

2m 01s

What is Nanotechnology?

3m 11s

Why the League of Nations failed?

3m 03s

The Geologic Time Scale

2m 51s

How dangerous are Icebergs?

3m 19s

What is Radioactive decay?

2m 56s

What is Phototropism?

2m 25s

What is Parasitic Nutrition?

3m 23s

How do submarines work?

2m 49s

How to prevent soil pollution?

2m 36s

What caused the Asteroid Belt?

1m 58s

What is the Hyperloop?

2m 39s

What is a comet?

2m 13s

The birth of a famous scientist.

2m 29s

What is Adiabatic Lapse Rate?

2m 37s

What are Karst Landforms?

3m 10s

What is Ocean Acidification?

2m 07s

The History of Paper.

2m 17s

What are Exoplanets?

2m 32s

Diploblasty vs. Triploblasty

1m 51s

What is Big Data?

1m 53s

What are Superconductors?

1m 51s

What is a large Hadron Collider?

2m 37s

Plasma in outer space.

3m 02s

Importance of River Valleys to ancient civilizations

3m 08s

The mysterious Iron Pillar, Delhi.

2m 34s

What if the earth lost oxygen for 5 seconds?

3m 17s

The Chernobyl Disaster

3m 42s

The importance of conserving water

2m 56s

What is Geomorphology?

2m 39s

What does the Arctic Circle do?

2m 46s

The death of a famous Indian nationalist

2m 29s

World's most endangered mammal

2m 38s

The birth of Rani Lakshmibai

3m 00s

The last contacted people on earth.

2m 13s

How human memory works?

3m 30s

What is Earth's energy budget?

3m 20s

What is carbon sequestration?

2m 31s

Ancient trade routes that shaped World History.

5m 12s

The Indian Space Research Organization

3m 03s

The Constitution of India was adopted today.

2m 17s

The new definition of Kilogram

2m 54s

What is Liquidity Crisis?

2m 49s

Are the islands of New Zealand getting closer?

2m 32s

What is an Aquifer?

3m 44s

How do diamonds form?

3m 32s

What are Marsquakes?

2m 24s

Facts about underwater volcanoes.

2m 38s

Is the ocean floor dissolving away?

2m 33s

Does it rain on other planets too?

3m 04s

Do we have a hidden 8th continent on Earth?

2m 44s

How is Oil and Natural gas formed?

2m 36s

Impact of Chemicals on Living Organisms

3m 42s

Radioactive Pollution

3m 31s

Does human body need minerals?

3m 18s

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