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Why is white matter white and grey matter grey?
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Have you ever wondered why the white matter is white in color and gray matter gray? Get to know about it in today's bytes video.

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what will be the impact of RBI stops LOUs?? plz explain anyone..
Priyanka Giri
2 years ago
Small and medium business including those in germs and jewellery and other sector are likely to be affected by RBI ban on LOU. It could make credit expensive as LOU is less expensive than other credit instrument .trader will be now compelled to borrow in rupees and pay back suppliers in foreign currency .
Jillala ganesh
2 years ago
thankyou priya
Alok Srivastava
2 years ago
Any indian industry while importing avoid payment in advance because of 2 reasons: 1. The genuineness of the product. 2. The actual product or some other product. To resolve this, indian bank give guarantee in the form of LoU to their foreign counterpart bank. This LoU gives confirmation to the foreign party that the shipment can be done without worrying about payment as bank has guaranteed. But if RBI stops LoUs, due to trust issues, foreign trade will decline drastically having huge impact on the indian economy as not much transaction will happen. Majority transactions will happen between subsidiary and parent companies only.
Thankyou So Much Mam.
  1. Why is white and grey rey? white matter matter

  2. The part between our ears comes in two shades: white and grey. The difference between the two is all in the fat content.

  3. Grey Matter White Matter The white matter of the brain is made up primarily of axon tracts, the long, spindly appendages of some brain cells.

  4. These tracts transmit the electrical signals which neurons, use to communicate.

  5. White Matter In contrast, gray matter is mostly neuron cell bodies and non-neuron brain cells called Gray Matter glial cells,

  6. GLIAL CELLS Oligodendrocytes Microglia Because these cells are not surrounded by white myelin, they take on the natural grayish color of the neurons and glial cells. Ependymal cells0 Astrocytes Schwann cells

  7. The spinal cord, which transmits nerve impulses to and from the rest of the body, has the opposite arrangement: gray matter at its core with insulating white matter on the outside