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Do changes in weather make you sick?
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In this video find out if changing weather really makes you fall sick frequently.

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mam I have one question??? plz reply kar Dena.. kya UPSC preparation ke liye maths NCERT padhna padega 🤔 actually humari maths bhot week h plzz AAP bata dejiye ki maths kese padhenge
Aartee Mishra
7 months ago
No need to read maths Ncert
Richa Mishra
7 months ago
toh mam maths ke liye kon si book padhni hogi kya padhna hoga kese padhna hoga plzz tell me ...
Richa Mishra
7 months ago
maths ka base majboot karne ke liye kya padhe
Richa Mishra
7 months ago
aapne reply niii Kiya mam .. but I really help u😯😥☹️🙁
Richa Mishra
7 months ago
Richa Mishra
7 months ago
mam humse kuch logo ne kaha h ki UPSC preparation ke liye 6 to 10 tak ki maths aana compulsory hota h kya ye baat such h .
7 months ago
koi bhi quants ki book le lo banking level ki usse ho jyega
Richa Mishra
5 months ago
thnx Animesh
Thanks for this information.
  1. Do changes in weather make you fall sick?

  2. t seems like every time the weather changes significantly suddenly a lot of people get sick

  3. Research has shown that viruses that cause illnesses such as the common cold and other respiratory infections do spread more easily in cool, dry conditions.

  4. So, the fact is, it's not the temperature of the air around you that is making you sick, but it does make you prone to falling sick.

  5. The rate at which a contagious illness spreads is frequently higher when people live in close proximity to each other like dormitories nursing homes, and even hospitals.

  6. People with chronic conditions such as asthma truly can be affected by changes in the temperature. Significant changes in air temperature or quality can cause asthma flares

  7. There is evidence that the weather has an effect on germs and how likely we are to get sick, but it's still not the temperature itself