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Is the Great Barrier Reef dead?
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In this video find out if the Great Barrier Reef is dying. Find out how this reef system lost about half of its coral in the past two years.

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rana sanga invited babur? ?????? I think they were Dolat kha-ruler of punjab and Alam kha-uncle of Ibrahim lodhi. ...who invited babur
Sayani Munshi
2 years ago
Yes...he mistook. Both Daulat Khan Lodi and Alam Khan Lodi were strong contenders of Delhi empire. So, they wanted to dethrone Ibrahim Lodi by dint of Babur.
Sanjay Mishra
a year ago
No, he is is mention in books.. Rana Sanga invited
Shivam Singh
a year ago
both were invited babur to attack on lodhi dynasty due to their on covet of empire with the empire extension
  1. Is the Great Barrier Reef dying?

  2. Coral reef ecologists documented a 50 percent decline in-corals across the reef in the past 2 years.

  3. Corals provide a safe home for zooxanthellae to live within their polyps. In exchange for a safe place for the zooxanthellae (algae) to live, the algae photosynthesize energy and provide such energy to the corals.

  4. When the average temperature of the ocean water in which a coral lives is raised by just a degree or two, the coral become stressed and eject their algae tenants.

  5. The ejection of algae by coral is the process in which we call coral bleaching, as it removes the colorful algae from corals, leaving their stark carbonate structure colorless.

  6. The summer of 2016 was a double punch to the Great Barrier Reef, a combination of both a continued warming of the equatorial oceans from climate change and the presence of the strongest El Ni o-event ever recorded.

  7. The Great Barrier Reef is at a tipping point, where it will likely not be the same for centuries.