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Is the Great Barrier Reef dead?
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In this video find out if the Great Barrier Reef is dying. Find out how this reef system lost about half of its coral in the past two years.

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Sir i understood your concept theoritically , but say inflation is high then onion price is high , but if we increase tax to decrease demand then people will have less salary to buy onions then how we decrease inflation ?? Ppl still cant buy ??
Utsav Srivastav
3 years ago
Exactly as people's purchasing power goes down with increase in tax, demand goes down and it will lead to lowering in inflation and hence then people would now be able to buy.
Vishwender Singh
3 years ago
More money is chasing less goods.If together central government will increase tax and banks will increase interest rates then surplus money will be evacuated from the market and hence decline in demand.Also,central government will import more onions from neighbour countries it will boost the supply and hence in this way prices will be stabilised.
Rohit Kumar
2 years ago
The effects would not be visible immediately, however with progressive manner, People would be able to spend less hence dragging down the demand. Anyway these are macroeconomics model and should be applied for aggregate level but not on individual economic agent.
Amrita Gupta
a year ago
Abhishek kumar
5 months ago
@Abhishek kaushik......suppose during inflation govt charges u with more tax which implies (=>) less money in ur though u have a tendency to eat spicy food garnished with onion...but as u r left with less money.....u wud first try to have rice, chappatti and pulses in ur plate or whatever generic or necessary daily consumption item is......then u will think of onions !!....suppose u r left with that much which could fetch 10 kg onion a month while ur normal onion consumption in normal days when there was not inflation was 20kg. So, becoz of less money ur demand has been reduced by 10kg a month subsequently if this reduction side gains weight and availablity of onion in market once again will start increasing...which wud later lower down the prices of onion. ( and this is explained on the basis when demand and supply are interacting freely without market intervention )
  1. Is the Great Barrier Reef dying?

  2. Coral reef ecologists documented a 50 percent decline in-corals across the reef in the past 2 years.

  3. Corals provide a safe home for zooxanthellae to live within their polyps. In exchange for a safe place for the zooxanthellae (algae) to live, the algae photosynthesize energy and provide such energy to the corals.

  4. When the average temperature of the ocean water in which a coral lives is raised by just a degree or two, the coral become stressed and eject their algae tenants.

  5. The ejection of algae by coral is the process in which we call coral bleaching, as it removes the colorful algae from corals, leaving their stark carbonate structure colorless.

  6. The summer of 2016 was a double punch to the Great Barrier Reef, a combination of both a continued warming of the equatorial oceans from climate change and the presence of the strongest El Ni o-event ever recorded.

  7. The Great Barrier Reef is at a tipping point, where it will likely not be the same for centuries.