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Why did the League of Nations fail?
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In this Bytes video find out why the League of Nations failed.

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  1. Why the League of Nations failed?

  2. The League of Nations was an intergovernmental organisation founded on 10 January 1920

  3. The League of Nations was a failure in the 1930s because of British and French self-interest.

  4. One of the Leagues major failures in the 1930's was when Japan invaded Manchuria. Japan invaded Manchuria because in September 1931 an explosion occurred on the South Manchurian railway which was owned by Japan

  5. The members of the League agreed that Japan was at fault and condemned them

  6. One of the Leagues other major failures was in Abyssinia. of N 1919

  7. The League imposed trade sanctions, by which League members were not allowed to trade with Italy Britain left the Suez Canal open for Italy to use, so Mussolini could supply his troops and continue the invasion.

  8. In conclusion The League of Nations failed in the 1930's because people began to realize that it was powerless to deal with major threats unless Britain and France helped, and even then they rarely did anything.