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Why is our blood red in colour?
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In this video find out the scientific reason behind why our blood is red in colour. Also find out why our veins look blue and not red.

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  1. hyis our blood red in color?

  2. The red blood cells are disc-like structures, and carries oxygen to the other cells of the body.

  3. Do we know why these cells are red?

  4. To know that we have to study them on a molecular level

  5. Hemoglobin Beta Chain Iron Alpha Chain Heme

  6. Hemoglobin So the blood cells are red because of the interaction between iron and oxygen. Beta Chain Iron+ O Alpha Chain Heme Rather, it looks red because of how these chemical bonds between the iron and the oxygen reflect light

  7. The blood picks up oxygen, and the blood carries this oxygen to the rest of the body until the oxygen is all used up the blood then returns to the lungs to get more oxygen.

  8. Some peopte believe thatveins appear blue becaluse blood without Oaygem ts blue. But it's not true! Blood-is always

  9. Your blood, now exhausted of its oxygen, is dark red as it now returns to your heart through your veins. So your veins basically carry dark red blood.