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Is China erasing its border with Hong Kong?
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In this bytes video find out if China is erasing its borders with Hong Kong and why.

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Market economy status is awarded to a foreign country by domestic country according to WTO norms which allows that particular foreign country to sell its goods in domestic country determined by production costs and charge according to market forces. This means the government of a home country does not play an invisible hand through tarriffs and other barriers in imported goods from that foreign country and MES can also be termed as the 'degree of openness of economy' Last week, the U. S. And EU both protested in the WTO against China's bid for the recognition as a market economy. The major economy said that the use of state subsidies in China distorts the market prices. But there ar3 several other reason for the opposition against China's coveted status. 1) A mobe that would make it harder for other major economies to bring 'anti-dumping' cases against Beijing. 2) it would benefit China by requiring global trade regulators to compare the prices of chinese exports to its domestic market instead of higher priced third countries. 3) It would also limit other countries from imposing tarriffs on the Chinese goods. 4) Concerns over a glut of Chinese imports flooding domestic marke5 and causing job losses in manufacturing sector. But even if WTO titles China with the MES status than the alternative interpretation can be drawn out from the sub clauses of Section 15 of WTO norms. It will be applicable when importer( any country) may rely on Chinese prices or take recourse to a different methodology to impose anti dumping tarriffs. # pressuring chinese firms to prove they were operating under the condition of competitive market economy. And if they fail, the section provides that impoting states would be entitled to invoke rules applicable to non-market economy while probing firms for dumping.
  1. C H I N A Is China erasing its border with Hong Kong? Ne w Terr itor ie s HON G K O N G Kau Sai Tsing Chau Chek Lap Kok Yi siand Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China Lantau Island Hong Kong Island

  2. 97 HONG KONG WILL COME BACK G CHINA Chinese leaders agreed that Hong Kong would be able to keep its economic and political systems, for the next 50 years

  3. Ithough Hong Kong still has nearly 30 years of semi-autonomy left China has started tightening its grip, and not really ready to wait till 2047 OINGILA OUNTAINs L. U TIBET Tibet P SICHUAN Chengdue

  4. Let's find out how? OINGILA OUNTAINs L. U TIBET Tibet P SICHUAN Chengdue

  5. o the border between China and Hong Kong has an expiry date- July 1, 2047

  6. In fact the preparation for the same has already started with the construction of a 55 kms long bridge which connects Hong Kong to Macau and mainland China

  7. Doesn't Hong Kong already belong to China?

  8. Although Hong Kong's population mostly comprise of immigrants from China but it had a totally different society than mainland China, undergoing a communist revolution.

  9. ONG 50 HIEF FI For the first decade after the hand over, Hong Kong was China's economically most productive city

  10. Shanghai

  11. Beijing

  12. From making 27% of the Chinese GDP in 1993 Hong Kong came down to just 3% today. Hong Kong's Share of China GDP 1993, 27% 25 20 15 10 2017, 2.9% 981 1987 1993 1999 2005 2011 2017