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What is Biological Contamination?
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In this Bytes video learn about what is Biological Contamination and what are the various types of examples for the same.

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  1. Biological Contaminants

  2. Have you ever eaten outside, vomited or had a diarrhoea afterwards?

  3. Biological contaminants are everywhere, in our walls, in our food, in water. Biological contamination generally refers to contamination of our food or environment with microorganisms

  4. The nature and the environment you find yourself in on a daily basis, such as buildings at work or even inside your own home can all be biologically contaminated.

  5. Example of biological contamination at work If you work in a hospital, a surgical suit may be contaminated with dangerous viruses and/or bacteria after a patient has had surgery.

  6. The mould that is growing in the walls or underneath the carpeting or tiles of your home is a biological organism, and it is an unwanted one, too! Thus, it is a contaminant.

  7. Your backyard is part of your home and the environment which can also be biologically contaminated!

  8. Also although there is a diverse range of particles of biological origin in indoor air, in most indoor work environments micro-organisms (microbes) are of the greatest significance for health