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What is Phototropism?
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In this bytes video get to know what phototropism means and what's the mechanism behind it.

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Thanks. will certainly work on your suggestion.
  1. What is Phototropism?

  2. If you put a plant in a window, you may notice that after a few days, it has bent toward that window

  3. Seedlings of plants grow straight upward in dark environments in order to reach the sunlight above ground However, if the amount of light is the same on all sides of the plant, then it will continue to grow straight upward instead of bending.

  4. Sun There are several signaling molecules that help the plant determine where the light source is coming from which helps the plant. Light Cells on far side elongate under influence of auxin, bending plant towards light Auxin moves away from light Shoot exposed to sunligh ection to sunlight

  5. The very tip of the plant known as the coleoptile is necessary in light sensing. The middle portion of the coleoptile is the area where the shoot curvature occurs.