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The foundation of a metro city happened today.
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In this Bytes video learn about how one of the metropolitan cities of India was fixed by the East India Company today.

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Thankyou So Much for Making in Hindi.
  1. The Vijaynagar Empire was a prominent dynasty in South India. For administrative ease they appointed chieftains called Nayaks to rule various regions of the province independently

  2. CI0 ANC AUS In 1639, when the British East India Company arrived in the area to establish a factory. Darmala Venkatadri Nayaka, a Telugu king and a powerful chieftain who was in charge of the area, gave the British a piece of land located between the Cooum River and the Egmore River.

  3. This small settlement of the British gradually drevw the attention of other East India traders such as the Portuguese and the Dutch who joined the settlement. By 1649, Fort St. George had 19,000 residents.

  4. MADRAS APPROXIMATELY) finch This settlement grew so much that the Europeans were outnumbered because of which they were appointed a nearby new area was known as "Black Town". The White Town and Black town were together known as Madras, a name derived BAY OF EG M BENGAL Medurasapatnam Reference.s The Fort a Central Station 3. Govt. House 4. St Georgei Cath GUINDY Mylapore Cath

  5. Madras Day is a festival organized to commemorate the founding of the city of Madras in Tamil Nadu, India. It is celebrated on 22 August every year